Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think I need one of these....

photo Elle Decor

In here...
Wouldn't it be fabulous?
Why or why didn't I think of this?
This truly is a revelation.
Now to find an old rowboat...
Any in the barn Dad?
I'm hitting Craigslist and Freecycle right now.
Much more critical than dealing with housecleaning. :)

Anyone else finding that April is insanely busy?
Our schedule is nuts.
I hate it.
I love that the kids are in activities they love...but it's nuts.

I'm dying for our big get-away at the end of June.
An adults only wedding, on Mackinac island, for a special cousin.
Two nights in a small B&B away from it all...
Mark and I haven't had a vacation together since our trip to China to bring home Izzy.
We had two nights in Hong Kong, and one or two nights in Chongqing without kids.
That will be 7 years in September.
I think we are overdue.

Thank goodness for something to look forward to...
Off to search for my boat while playing a little Lyle Lovett...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out the Door Drawer

Is back in business!
What was a drawer filled with junk,
is now functional and pretty.
Give it a week in this house and I'm sure it will be another story...

Take some muffin tins,

little bundt pans,

and GG Lil's vintage Swedish tablecloth,
And you have this....

A place for everything,
and everything in it's place.
These are the "grab quick" items before we head "out the door."
It's situated in the big black island cabinet in the kitchen.
Clips, ponytail holders, combs, brush, chapstick, hand sanitizer, band-aids, etc.
I keep opening it...
Day 3 and it's still all orderly...
and makes me happy.
This is how I clean!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I found baby Jesus in the dust

I really did.
The kids didn't think he came this year.
He was right there....behind the old clock.

With another baby Jesus.
Apparently Santa forgot to bring him out on Christmas Eve.
It's a little tradition, filled with poor theology.
Apparently I haven't dusted behind this clock since then.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Suzy Homemaker is A Figment of the Imagination

Clearly she did not have four children,
or two dogs,
or a husband who works 80 hour work weeks.

Clearly she had no life outside of the home.
Clearly she had too much time on her hands....

I'm cleaning today...again.
It's never ending,
and somehow I need to find a way to enjoy it.

But I don't.
Aren't I little merry sunshine?

I haven't seen her lately either.
I need this ground to dry for the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
The clock is ticking, and the yard needs a final clean-up.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have another deadline looming.
Pretty sure I have ADD.
Pretty sure I know what branch of the family it came from.

I need to finish up this baby for a fundraiser at Water Street Studios.
To finish this would mean I'd be surrounded by this mess,

And I'd need to pass by this room,
Which is in some serious need of my attention.

I'd also pass by this unfinished project.
I thought it would be easy.
Famous last words.

Meanwhile, the weasel could use some love and care.
She and I have a love hate relationship.
I think she'd do well to live on a farm in Door County....
If I take her outside,
I'd have to see the unfinished house,

We're getting there...
But we have a ways to go.
We've hired the painter.
We need to hang the mailbox.

We need to make a decision on a door,

and spruce up the swing, and clean up the beds,
But it's raining today.
At least the lights are hung.

The garden is in progress,

and we've decided on a wood ceiling...

So here I sit with my cup of coffee, in a very quiet house.
Have I mentioned recently how much I love my Keurig machine?
I've named it Victoria...after my dear friend who suggested countless times I needed one.
It makes a perfect cup every time.
No mess.
Perfect temperature.
I need to purchase more K-cups. Any favorites??
Off to drink another cup and end the cycle of procrastination.

Friday, April 8, 2011

More Ideas Please!

So, this little pic yesterday was a teaser,

We pulled the two skylights out of the addition.
I'm still getting used to the void.

Isn't it pretty?
Hmmm...not so much.
I tried to take some pics right now,
but the paparazzi is staring through the windows. :)
There are five guys working at each of the windows...
can you say awkward?
They've been wonderful,
but I can't walk through the house naked like I usually do.

Just checking to see if you're still reading.
That was a joke!

My mind is going a bajillion ways as usual.
I've been thinking about installing a wood ceiling.
The room is rustic...
There's the vermont casting fireplace,

and Dad's old canoe...
See Cody?
She's done remarkably well this week given all the noise and commotion.

Those two things are nonnegotiable.
The rest?
Completely up for grabs.

These are pics in its current state.
My girls love playing teacher.
I wish I coul show you more, but it's too awkward to be in there...

So...wood ceiling or drywalled ceiling?
Leather couch or white slip-covered couch?
Not all of this is happening tomorrow...
I'm just dreaming a bit,
trying to come up with a plan...
Looking forward to more of your two cents!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please Give Your Two Cents!

This old house,
is getting a makeover this week,
and I need your!

What a week it has been around the Johnson house.
The dumpster and semi pulled up Monday morning.
Our roof was ripped off and redone in nearly a day.
The house was rewrapped and the siding is in progress.

This is a horrible pic, but the best I can do right now.
The workers are around every corner of the house working on the siding.
The new roof is called "driftwood."
The siding is "stone mountain clay."

Caution tape is everywhere.
We chose "dover white" for the corners.

A quick view off of the's as far as I could get.

Here's where I need your help.
The shutters need to go back up...and we're thinking black.
It's so boring.
So typical.
The door right now is this flaming red.

I don't think this shade of red is going to work anymore.
I could tone it down.
Everyone has a tan house, white trim, black shutters, and dark red door, right?
I like the look, I really do.
Should we go that route, or do you have another idea?
Here's the old pic again...

I'm off to look at doors,
light fixtures,
and a new mailbox.
Here's a pic to get you back tomorrow.

Did I say it's been a long week?
Did I tell you I hauled 630 pounds of siding to the recycling center?
Did I tell you I nearly got attacked by a stray dog?
Did I tell you I hate making decisions that last for a long time?

Come back tomorrow for more two cents about the pic above....

Running out of time,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Know I'm Not Practical

I'm reminded of that fact daily by either my husband or my children.
I did a little cleaning Sunday afternoon...
For me, cleaning is when I make things pretty,
and most of the time,
the end product is completely impractical, but usually free.
For me, personal touches and happiness trumps practicality.

Case in point, my new and improved sweets and hot drinks cabinet.

Our kitchen cabinets are original to 1968.
They insides have been painted several times.
I attached pages of a 1975 church cookbook to the inside.
The names are dear to me, as many of the ladies have passed away.
I seldom make these recipes, so found it more useful to have it here,
where I could enjoy it...

A little cocoa and cream station.
The kids are digging the keurig hot water dispenser...and cocoa is flowing.
The "0" container is from Anthropologie.
Inside is my zero calorie sugar. :)

Coffee pods for the coffee maker...

Labelled containers and reorganized...
Vintage ric-rac that I had attached to the shelves with a glue gun...
"New" basket from a dear friend holding baking supplies.
Old wooden spoon and gingerbread man from my Grandma Izzy.

I wish I had taken a before.
It was a disaster.
Feels good to have something in the kitchen that makes my heart sing a bit!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Water Logged

We're back...
I'm not really going to say I miss the water park.
I don't miss the swarms of people.
I don't miss wearing a swimsuit.
I do miss being away with just the 6 of us.
I do miss the jacuzzi in the condo.
I do miss time to just be.
I do miss the people-watching.
It doesn't get much better than at a water park.
Just saying!

This week starts a very busy season,
and it doesn't really slow down until the end of June.
This boy starts track today!
Looking forward to warm days and track meets!