Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Linen Closet Reorganization

While Mr. Mark reset the toilet for the third time...
which really was the charm,
I gutted the linen closet.

I took out everything...and dumped it all over the already messy hallway.
I scrubbed the walls and shelves,
then added a coat of fresh paint.
What a difference...used the same "Brook Trout" as in the kid's bath.

I didn't have a budget for this project,
so I shopped the house.
Turns out I had just what we needed....
lots of baskets from Ikea and Michaels,
and little containers from Ikea and the thrift store.

I crawled around the hallway sorting like items and finding a container that fit.
All of the boy's contacts and solution, etc. is in one basket.
All of the little samples I save for camp and travel are in a little container inside another basket.
Being containerized inside of a container has helped.
Little hands are not stirring the basket so to speak.
I'm not grabbing haphazardly in a crazy moment....
since everything has a place.

I purged a ton.
All of the sheets are in the basket and organized by size and bed.
Easy for little bodies to grab and take back to their room.
I have one extra set for each bed...that's all we've ever needed.

I used to have a laundry basket on the bottom for the kids' dirty clothes.
That was a disaster.
Now I have a basket of neatly folded towels.

The kids have a new laundry system, and I'm loving it.
I bought them each a bright colored laundry bag from the dollar store (spent $4 total),
We are repurposing some hooks for them to hang behind their doors.

My neighbor with kids a little older had a brilliant idea.
Each kid has a laundry buddy.
Remember...the kids are almost 13, 11, 6 and 6.
Thursday two kids do laundry together.
Friday the other two kids do laundry together.

They wash, dry, fold and put away....
and the best part?
It's working.
I have less laundry to do...
and they always know where their clothes are.
Plus, they aren't throwing things in that really aren't dirty...

Makes me happy!
Next step...
cute labels and some burlap ties on the baskets....
one step at a time.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bath Reveal...Put up your feet and stay awhile!

Sofi and Izzy were so excited to take a bath....
it's been 2 months since the big tear down.

I will not miss tools all over the hall,
a toilet in the tub,
6 toothbrushes in my bathroom,
kid stuff all over my room....

Saved the hooks...
they work just fine.
View from the hall...

Here they are, ready to give a tour.

I wanted a plain white canvas shower curtain.
I bought a package that showed a plain white shower curtain.
It was on clearance.
This was a little bit of a surprise at the bottom.
I wanted to return it.
My family vetoed me.
It's grown on me throughout the day...

Color is hard to see.
We had the 4 kids pick out colors.
This wasn't one of them.
They couldn't agree...surprise surprise.
So Mr. Mark and I chose Martha Stewart's "Brook Trout" in honor of Linnea.
She's Linnea Brooke,
but more often than not,
her Dad calls her His Brook Trout.
We used a different brand of paint...color matched nicely.
Already needs to be cleaned.
4 kids, constantly washing their hands is a good thing.
So pardon the watermarks.
We all fell in love with this one...
Ok you can't fall in love with a faucet....
but this one was a little different...
and we all agreed...
Thank you to all who gave their 2 cents on the mirror....
Majority ruled,
and Mr. Mark was happy with the bottom line...
Cheesy Walgreens soap bottle....
oh well, it was cheap.
Ceiling color was on the back of the "Brook Trout" swatch.
Martha worked her magic...
added ceiling and trim colors to her swatches.
Didn't like the trim color,
and went with our standard,
Vermont Cream.
Makes me happy everytime I say the color...
and I'm even happier to be heading to VT in 3 weeks...
I digress...

This is under the windowsill...
same buckets, new hooks.
Buckets need to be labelled....
With 4 kids,
this has been one of the best things we've done.
Each has a bucket to hold their toiletry needs...
even little sample size toothpastes, floss and mouthwash...all labelled.
If they waste theirs,
they have to buy a new one.
No sharing....
can always tell who leaves theirs out...
works great.

Shutter recycle...great for a little privacy,
and to hide the fact I need to get on a ladder and wash that window...
in my spare time....
Easy curtain...used this before...
birch branch found curbside at neighbors...
hanging with twine on two nails,
3 white dishtowels wrapped around.
Easily washable.
Easy to change.

Exciting, huh?
Kids can not use the toilet yet.
There is a little leakage.
Mark is ripping it out tomorrow, and trying again.

Floor tiles are new, and since that is where the problem started,
That is where I will end.

Next up...
the exciting Linen Closet transformation...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Opinions PLEASE!

I hate to plead....
but I'm desperate.

The bathroom project is nearing the end...
and frankly I just want to get it done.

Does this mirror look too big?
I realize it's a horrible shot...except for the Mr. Mark in his blaze orange polo,
but it gives you some perspective.

Here's the deal.
The price was right.
$26 with tax.....2 marksdowns, plus a discount at Kirklands.
is it too big?

I haven't found any others the right size.
Below is the first one we found.
I didn't even take it out of the box.
Clearly it's too small.

I feel like I'm Goldilocks,
trying to find just the right size.

The walls are painted.
Trim is painted.
New ceramic tile is all in place.
Faucet is attached.
Towel ring is up...just not for this picture.
No water yet.
No toilet in place.
Shutters need to go back on.
Need to figure out curtain.
Kids' hooks, buckets, and towels need to be put back on wall.
Have a plain white canvas shower curtain to hang,
AFTER the toilet is removed from the bathtub.
Remember that pic?
Scroll back to April 9 or so.
Yes, it's really been that long.

I'm waiting for opinions on the mirror,
and I'd like to put a clock in here.
4 kids,
3 of them are girls...
time in the bathroom will be of premium soon.

I also need to find something to put above the toilet that is narrow,
and possibly has storage.

Those of you who know me well,
know that I want something a little different.
I've contemplated bath pics of the kids...
but of course they all hated that idea.
I've contemplated a chalkboard calendar...
to keep track of hygiene habits....even found one I like.
I've contemplated their artwork.

Then I saw this today in the Pottery Barn bathroom book.
Close your eyes.
It's terrific!
Ta da!

Are you swooning?
Probably not.
I am.
I love it.
I've spent the little bit of time I have scouring online...
no luck.
It's an antique commercial bread loaf pan.
Yes, I'm nuts.
It's different.
It's unique.
It's old.
It's conversational....
and I can't get it out of my head.

Any leads??
Anyone have one of these in their attic?
Just thought I'd ask! :)
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for any and all opinions.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create 2

Welcome into my studio!

I'm so excited to take part in My Desert Cottage's party.
There are over 450 studios you can visit.

I hope you can stay and visit here for awhile.
Get comfy, I'm going to give you a tour of my space.
Those who stay longer can always pull out the sofa and spend the night!
I'm a paper artist....
and love creating mixed media sketches,
and many other things!

I love fluffy textiles too with a vintage flair....
With 4 kids, I've learned I need to be pretty organized.
When I slip into creative mode, I have to be really organized.
Here's my studio closet.
I have a mixed of found boxes, Ikea storage, and baking tins.
I love to bake, and these tins are perfect in here!

Ball jars are perfect for organizing ribbon and extra goodies.
I've found organizing by color works best for me.

Need a letter? They're easy to find in my muffin tins....

These bundt pans help even the littlest fingers find what they need...

I often craft with my kids and their friends.
Their supplies are tucked away under my counter, easy to grab.

Not pretty, but it's functional...

I also tutor reading and math, and this gem is perfect for holding those books and supplies.

It's old, peely, loved, and roomy.
Found curbside in May.

My neighbor's front door makes an appearance...repurposed of course!
Each of the panels has a piece of cork covered in burlap, and attached with liquid nails.

A little bleach, and this curtain works.
Everything is better with a chandelier!

Found this sweet chair curbside, perfect for my 3 little girls....

Everything I keep in this room is special to me and has a story.
I found this linen on a family trip with my sister.
Was so excited to find my initials!

This has been my mantra this school year, when my babies entered kindergarten.
I've entered a new stage...and this room has been perfect for helping me soar again.
An old window with some chalkboard paint, burlap and lace...

My babies when they were a little bit smaller...

An old wringer bucket...perfect for inspiration found in magazines and catalogs...
given to me by a sweet soul...
My grandma's antique toy sewing machine....reminds me to keep things simple....

Kent's toolbox...Kent was a dear family friend who died last Fall.
I use it to hold the things I grab most often...paper cutter, scissors, inks, and pencils.

Hydrangeas from my good friend and neighbor.
Everyone has an angel or two they've lost over the years.
Some have chipped wings...makes life more interesting.
I have at least three watching over me...

Old photos to sort and my sewing needs are under the counter too.

The oldest photos are housed in this wonderful suitcase found curbside at my neigbor's.

The drawers of my counter are "prime real estate."
Go to items are stored inside, and I often switch them around....

Thanks for visiting!

Hope you'll come by again to see what I've been working on!

Remember that the most important thing to do in a studio is to take the time to play again!

I'm so excited to participate in this party! Click on over to My Desert Cottage, and prepare to be lost in studios for hours!

Come on in!