Friday, August 19, 2011

To Market To Market

Flowers Anyone?
This is where we've been on Tuesday mornings.
Helping with the Garden Market at the Holmstad, a retirement community nearby.
Flower arranging,
Mingling with the shoppers,
Arranging produce,
Counting money,
Taking it all down.
The kids all loved it.

Probably one of the best things we did this Summer was start a garden.
They needed some "able bodied gardeners" who lived nearby.
For $20, a 45 x 15 foot plot was ours.
Our neighbors have shared in the labor with us.
We have about twenty tomato plants,
8 pepper plants,
1 eggplant,
4 zucchini,
1 butternut squash,
1 cucumber,
and 1 watermelon.
We've eaten so well, and been able to share some too.
Extras from the market go to the local food pantry.
One of our favorite things to do...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Going

I'm excited,
and can't wait to begin.

I'll be a long-term sub for our school's reading teacher.
Tomorrow through the start of Christmas break.
She's having her first baby...very soon.

A two and a half block commute with Sofi & Izzy.
An amazing staff.
Awesome support.
Doing what I love.
Helping kids read.

Sometimes things happen when one least expects it.
I learned about it at the end of July.
I had goosebumps.
It felt right.
I completed a mountain of paperwork....
as fast as I could.

Today I had goosebumps again.
I received my badge, email address, and passwords.
Many things have changed since I left teaching to be a mom...
14 years ago.

It's been a wild and crazy ride.
With my babies all in school,
I'm ready to spread my wings again a bit.
This will be a good first step.

I think I'm ready for the morning.
Bag packed.
Clothes ready.
Lunch made.
New school supplies.
I feel like I'm six again,
and it feels really really good.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Alive

Really I am,
Despite finding someone's tooth in my salad.
It wasn't mine.

I'll let you chew on that thought for a bit.
I hyperventilated for a few hours.
I still don't know whose it is...

We're back together again after a few adventures.
Mark & Sofi backpacked in WI.
Heat exhaustion brought them home two days later.

Linnea was at Covenant Point in the U.P.
Amazing time on an island.
No running water or electricity.
Had the time of her life.

Izzy lived it up at Covenant Harbor for three nights.
She hid in her bunk upon my arrival.
She loved it that much.
So thankful for amazing counselors.

Carl's been marching ALL day long.
His schedule is ridiculous.
Why is everything so intense these days?
No pic of him.
He'd be absolutely mortified.

I've been up to a few adventures of my own.
I think I can spill the beans in a day or two.
It will turn our world upside down.

Ready or not,
back to school is coming,
very very soon.