Thursday, March 6, 2014

Touch the Trees

This painting just came off the easel last week.
Somewhere under the layers of paint is a bird.  :)
I was thinking of the ups and downs of parenting and life as I painted.
When my kids were little, I'd push them on the swing and tell them to "touch the trees."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm Back, Really I Am!

I'm painting again, and have a few pieces at a new to me store in Geneva- Relux Vintage.
Everything happens for a reason.
I clicked on a few pictures late one night on Facebook.
I soon found myself clicking away, finding kindred spirits & my style of design.
Barnwood, vintage, paints, jewelry, home decor….oh my!
Then I saw they were looking for local artists who liked to repurpose things.
Bleary eyed, I typed an email and attached a few photos of my work.
A few days later, I carried my laptop & a few pieces into the store.
I left, knowing all was meant to be.
Everything happens for a reason.
The job I loved so deeply last November- June, was a one year position.
I knew that going in, but oh was it hard to leave that place.
I floundered through the Fall, creating when I had the courage.
Painting when I had the strength to bare my soul on canvas.
When I begin a piece, I never know where it will take me.
Take this piece which recently sold at Relux Vintage.
There's so much under those flowers.
Raw emotions…through paint and words…
Layers of paint, modeling paste, more paint, more words…over & over again.
I'm going to start taking pics of the process & post the images here.
You can find me on Facebook as well- under Julie Renee.
Why Julie Renee?
It's my given name.
It's me, only me, and not nearly as common as Julie Johnson.
I'm thrilled to be Julie Johnson, but there are way too many Julie Johnsons in this world.
I could fill a page with all of the ways my common name has been a nuisance.
So when I sign my name on a piece, it has been Julie Renee.