Saturday, May 21, 2011

How the Other Side Lives

Izzy and Sofi took matters into their own hands...
Disappointed that their color blocked area was neither cork or magnetic or dry erase,
They improvised.
Sofi's had to bring in her favorite thing to school a few weeks ago.
She brought an Expo dry erase marker.
Totally serious.
She spends about two hours a day nobody in particular.
She's quite good.
I keep thinking she'd make a decent sub...if she could ever get on the sub list.
Sore spot.
I'd like to sub.
Can't get a packet.
Have a teaching degree.
Doesn't matter.
Some day.
here is their creation...

Apparently they used every post it note in the house....

I knew I waited too long to take a pic!
They created "special" days for the rest of the school year...
and wrote down outfits they'd wear.
There's a Hawaiian day, a yoga day, and of course a polka dot day.
Innovative, creative, and they were busy for thirty minutes.
Not a bad thing.
Plus they worked on their spelling skills.

We celebrated Linnea's 12 birthday last week.
Can't believe she's this old...yet some days I feel like she's about 25.
If I were 12 I'd want to be her friend.
She's thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and absolutely hysterical.
She's developed a very amusing sense of humor.
Not sure where that comes from. ;)

Here she is with her champagne taste dinner.
Always steak and artichokes.
The bigger the better.
Someday I'll make a birthday book of her and her artichokes.

First year forgoing one of my cake favor of tiramisu torte.
I happily obliged.

These too are a funny combination these days.

Some days it's tough having a sib with a similar personality.
They drive each other crazy.


  1. I couldn't get on the sub-list either. Only I was glad. It was husband that wanted me to work, me not so much. Then I moved to an island for him so I think I'm off the hook. Love that your daughter teaches and loves a dry erase board. It's the simple things!

  2. I so remember those "teaching" days!! I loved the "planning" and "prep"! then taught preschool and loved it more! You have the most precious little ones, that are grwoing way to fast. So we must have been meandering down the same path the last week or so. WIll you hop over to my messy blog (watch out for sheet rock dust) and take a peek? I'm going to want your advice on color:)

  3. Happy Birthday to Linnea! How fun to be 12 again. Today I would like to be 4. It's so hot here and I just brought the bitty one inside since she was running around naked as a jaybird. Love their imagination. Isn't that always the case though? You do something really cool and they come along to "tweak" it?

  4. Your girls are clever with a capital C. Wonder where they get that from, huh?


  5. Love that she loves artichokes!! Happy Birthday! 12 is good!!