Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Girls' Room Redo

I've cleaned, painted and purged.
Three girls pack a lot of stuff into one room.
I had to rethink the organization of the room, and this is phase one.

Here is Linnea's little nook...

I color blocked the area over her bed, and Mark added the border.
The "L" is paper maiche, and can be found at JoAnn Fabrics for $8.
She added the pom pom strand, and the drawers do push in. :)

Third time is the charm on the chandelier.

Originally it was in the dining room encased in glass.
We switched out the fixture, and used the innards over her bed.
I was tired of the brass.
Quick spray of white and it looks like new.

Bookshelf found curbside has a fresh coat of paint.
She arranged her treasures...
including the lime green drum she made in 4th grade.

Teacups were replaced with polka dot ribbon bands.

I repurposed their shoe organizer.
To be honest, the shoes never made it there.

Each section is now reorganized....
chargers, electronics, lotions, brushes, clips, etc.
Probably my favorite thing in the room.

They are even using 5!

Took down the cute little dressing table.
Gave the found curbside mirror a fresh coat of pink.
Purchased a second organizer from Target.
Need to buy more polka dot ribbon for each bin.

Switched out the light for one we already had.

Second best thing.
Each girl has a match the color block over their bed...
which matches their duvet cover.

Top bin is for their stuff,
Middle bin for their dirty laundry,

Third bin for their shoes.
Can you tell which daughter loves shoes?

Coming tomorrow...the other side....

I really should have taken pictures before they lived in it. :)
Paint colors- all Valspar from Lowes...the sample sizes are great.
Walls- tropical spray
Linnea's color block and Izzy's "I"- spring leaf
Sofi's color block and Linnea's "L"- La Fonda fiesta blue
Izzy's color bloc, mirror and Sofi's "S"- frosty berry


  1. Awesome job! Love the color coding of the girls too. I have so got to do my girls room again. I have an idea, just need the energy. I really like the organizer idea too. How ingenious are you? I just might have to borrow that one!

  2. Oh, wow. I want to come curbside cruising with you---great finds!

  3. You did it again!!!Love it! Ps thanks for posting comment on my little corner! So sweet of you! I've been lost in the woods and way too much rain swamped property to play in blog land.
    Big hugs for you and this adorable creation!

  4. Great job and I can picture each of the girls with a big smile!

  5. that nook is so cool Julie! and the colors are fabulous!