Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Many women like diamonds or pearls around their neck.
My husband's given me both, but this is what I wear every day.
It's tarnished, and to many I'm sure it looks like a pile of junk,
To me it's a bit of my story,
and worth more than diamonds or pearls.

Here is the end of Grandma Izzy's spoon,

My sister made it for me a few years back.
She was a gem, and I miss her so very much.
It seemed a little lonely,
So I added this little piece,

I don't know the story behind it, but it was from my first mom.
There are two empty frames.
I've never filled them, and like them that way.
With four kids and a husband, how could I pick just two? :)

My brother gave me this after my second mom passed away.
He had given it to her while she was sick,

I added this little piece a few weeks ago, but decided it was too bulky.

It reminds me of blogland, and the kindred spirits I've found in this virtual world.
I added it to a longer chain with another sweet charm from a dear friend.

I clink a little with all of these pieces as I walk.
Oh well.
I'm not trading them for all the diamonds or pearls in the world.

P.S. I was still wearing my Winter coat a week ago when I photographed these. :)


  1. those are the best kind of charms- they have so many special memories tied to them.

  2. Your story is beautiful Julie :)
    Jeanne xx

  3. They are not tarnished, they are well loved. They clink to remind you your memories are nearby if you need a pick me up. That is my take on the whole thing. I like your memory necklace.

    Isn't it crazy that one day you are bundled and the next sweating your buttocks off?! Same here in Michigan!

  4. I've often wished for a necklace with a story like that. Wear it and think, "Jen thinks it's perfect."

  5. Gorgeousness. I just started making spoon pendants--the one in my shop has gotten lots of attention.

  6. I love charms because they tell a story and I'm so glad you told us yours! And I love that you jingle when you walk!