Thursday, May 26, 2011

Count down begins

My kids have been counting down for a week now.
They aren't out until June 13.
My sister and her family arrive June 13 for two weeks.

I'm madly trying to
1. Enjoy the quiet.
2. Finish up projects.
3. Catch up with daily life.
4. Exercise and eat right.
5. Enjoy the end of the year flurry.
6. Clean and organize.
7. Schedule my students that I tutor.
8. Stay calm.
9. Deal with the endless paperwork.
10. Try to figure out Summer calendar.

Oh my.
What are you up to?
I'm breaking out the Winter coat today to walk up to school.
I'm already wearing a sweater and boots.

What's with the pic?
I don't know.
Random thing 9,099 that makes me happy.
I'd like to get lost in my studio right now,
but I've run out of time.


  1. Yikes!! We havent had to wear jackets for a while now!! Of course tx is HOT all the time:O) Im also trying to enjoy lots of things before my other two are home for the my computer, quietness,clean house:O) But I love having them home:O) Enjoy the walk have a great day:O)

  2. I know I'm feeling the end of the year school panic as well. So much to do before it's a house full of kids all day and projects arre put on the hold shelf!
    We are out on the 16 of june.
    Our wint coats have been replaced with swim suits and 90 degree weather.
    Hope you get all you want and need to accomplished!!!!!

  3. Mine are out on the 12th and I am looking forward to it. The bitty one is out now and driving me nuts!! I am planning the summer now. Time for projects and road trips. So much to do and so little time!