Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green Streamers Are Hitting The Fan

and Chocolate chip cookies are on the counter.
Preparations for Wendy the tooth fairy are complete.
Pray she makes an appearance tonight,
or we'll have to endure the madness again tomorrow.

Izzy woke with a start this morning,
"MOM, the tooth fairy didn't come!!"
"I have to call Papa right now and see who is on duty!"
She called at 7:30 a.m.
He informed her it was Wendy.

Apparently Wendy likes fans and chocolate chip cookies.
Apparently Carl ate all of ours.
Izzy asked if I'd please make Wendy a batch.
Trader Joes was out of chocolate chips.
I caved and bought a tub of cookies instead.

We don't have a fan.
Thankfully Izzy got clearance from Papa at 5:15 this afternoon.
A ceiling fan would work...
as long as streamers were attached.
Thankfully we had some green ones.
I assured her they didn't need to be pink.

This added to an afternoon of pickups,
piano lesson,
soccer practice,
pick up at the train,
homework help (test on Pompeii...yawn),
dinner on the table,
taping streamers to the fan...
two grouchy sisters,
("and how do you think I'll sleep in here with that noise?")
and I was done.

I hit the gym at 9:10 p.m.
Wore my swimsuit,
PJ pants,
Bog Boots,
Wool Coat,
and scarf.
I looked pretty special.
For those of you not in IL,
I don't want to hear about your weather.
I wore my boots yesterday,
and my wool coat most of the day today.

My mission tonight?
Hit the steam room and hot tub.

Apparently if you hit the gym after 9:10 p.m.,
it's a little different crowd.
I didn't know.
I rained on a few parades.
Including the gossip fest in the steam room,
and then the naked hot tub soaker.
My first clue should have been body parts floating,
and swimsuit on top of her towel.
I was on my own mission,
sat down to relax,
and then looked across the tub.
I'm sure my jaw dropped to hit the bubbles.
I closed my eyes.
Stifled a laugh.
Then she told me she was getting out.
I closed my eyes again....
for a long few minutes.

Out of the tub to find the gossip girls doing mud masks together.
Thankfully the woman who dries herself with paper towels wasn't there.
She's there around 2 p.m.
There are towels.

I'm home.
Time for bed.
Pray that Wendy comes in the night.
The other top tooth is really loose.
I'm scared to find out who is on duty next.


  1. Oh, that Wendy will screw you every time! So will Tinkerbell! She told the bitty one that if she EVER found a ladybug with no spots to return it to her IMMEDIATELY! We live in Michigan and Tinkerbell is in Florida. Lo and behold, two weeks later, she found a freaking ladybug WITH NO SPOTS! What the heck?! She was standing there pleading with me to drive it to Tink, cause they are on a first name basis, right now. Thank god, the dog walked up, sniffed the spotfree ladybug and ATE IT! She just kinda shrugged it off and went off to play. I am hoping that the same happens for you!

  2. hello
    thanks for stopping by and saying hello!
    how fun are the streamers!
    Such wonderful memory making.

  3. oh there have been many a night when the toothfairy forgot to show up...isn't that the worst? Have a great weekend!