Saturday, May 15, 2010

McCalls Easy is an Oxymoron

Here's Zippy and her new costume.
She's off at Clowntown in Ohio this weekend...
learning more tricks for her nursing home visits.
She's hoping to come home with a wig
and some balloon making knowledge.
Flew in a 4 seater from IL to OH...
what a thrill for my now 11 year old!

Making this outfit was painful.
So outside of my element.
My sewing machine is not my friend.
I don't understand patterns.
I tried.

I spent hours trying to rethread the bobbin
and make the tension right.
When you have to rethread the needle after every seam,
something is wrong....

The inside of her costume looks like a thread warzone.
I told her to take it off and make sure nobody sees it.
The polka dots are iron on...
and they kept falling off.
I'm sure she'll come home with a red jumper,
and I'll have to sew them on.

The pattern said it was an easy one,
it wasn't.
I finally let my commonsense and creativity go to work....
I'm saving the pattern for future birds and creations.
Pretty neat paper.
With a ridiculous language on it.
Tried to have the lady's at Joann's Fabrics help me...
NONE of them sew with a pattern.

I finished it with 28 minutes to spare.
Not bad, huh?


  1. Good job, she looks like a very happy clown! Just be sure to help her out of it so she doesn't get tangled in all the threads, lol! I think she is so sweet for doing this in nursing homes!

  2. This is so sweet! I feel your pain with the sewing machine and the darn bobbin. You did a great job though - and she looks precious! Be proud!

  3. Her costume looks adorable! I hope she has fun in Clowntown.

  4. She looks so cute! I think that you did a great job! Nice way to repurpose the pattern too. I think that she is great doing that to entertain the old folks. I think you are fantastic for going out of your comfort zone to do something to help her! Who cares what the inside looks like. It's the thought that counts!

  5. I had a mother that could sew wedding dresses, so I learned from the best. But sometimes those "Easy" patterns lie. Been there. But it's not about the inside, it's about the outside (unlike people!).

  6. Julie, it looks pretty awesome to me:) fantastic job. Gorgeous picture!!! Hope your sweetie had a wonderful time at Clowntown ~ Tina xx

  7. who knew Ohio hosts Clowntown! never heard of it. This is an adorable post & I am so impressed with your skills. I love your ability to tell a story so effortlessly:)