Monday, May 3, 2010

Cleaning Again

Found this little gem at a recent garage sale....
made for a perfect little cleaning project with the girls,
who lost interest after about 5 minutes of sorting.

Oh well,
I had fun.
Much more fun than cleaning the toilet or washing a sink full of dishes....
Still organized, useful, and it makes me smile!


  1. Thank is so perfect! I cannot believe how well they fit into each space!
    No they can't say, "I can't find a red crayon" I need to find one of these!
    So smart you are!

  2. This is a great idea! It looks like a mini muffin pan. I am constantly throwing out broken crayons and buying new when they get all over. I may save on the amount of crayons that I buy from now on.

  3. Great idea Julie and what a classic photo!!
    Hope you are well...


  4. Great idea. What kind of pan is that? Mini loaves? It couldn't fit crayons any better. May need to start looking for one of these.

  5. Cute! I recently decided to color sort Legos. My boy lost interest as well and it took me days!

  6. Love the photo. Wonder how long you can keep them sorted. I love your blog. I enjoyed the post about the $13 stacks. My 14 year old daughter has been shopping second hand stores lately and getting so much for so little. The other day she was in a retail store and couldn't beleive she had to pay $9 for a pair of new sandals. I thought $9 was a great price for them. I'm glad she's learning this trick early.
    I'm following now so I can come back often.

  7. Julie, be sure you check out Jen's new blog! She is fun & sweet & you will love her! I am always so impressed how you find little treasures to make your life easier. My daughter has been searching for a brown crayon for days {while finishing her 1st grade homework} and finally found one in her brother's room. if only her mom had the right pan!! poor girl!

  8. Great idea! Makes a great art photo too!