Saturday, May 8, 2010

Driving In My Car

Just synced my iphone,
that's a word isn't it?
Found this pic on it.

Pretty sure Sofi took it from the way back...
and I had no idea.
Izzy has the green pants.
The lime green polka dot ribbon is definitely Linnea.
That's all she wears.
Lime green or polka dots.
When you find both together,
she's even happier.

Love it.
The iphone that is.
Pretty sure it's the most amazing invention EVER.
Changed my life.
I can now multitask from anywhere.
And since I've been living in my car this Spring,
it's helped immensely.

I even started decorating it.
The car that is.
Found a little picnic basket and tucked it between the front seat.
It's my emergency kit.
Hand sanitizer.
Gum (for when the jaw gets really tense while driving around),
and a little stash of chocolate.
I know,
I was trying to cut back on sugar.
I have.
But the "experts" all say some dark chocolate is good for the heart.
So I'm listening to them.
No one is allowed in my emergency kit.

Driving around all day has its perks.
Found this.

My dear husband would have left it curbside.
Not me.
It was no small feat to get it into the car with 4 minutes to spare prior to kindergarten pick-up.
I did it.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.
Art studio?
Infinite possibilities.

I'm pretty sure the art of curbside junking is genetic.
Learned it from this guy right here.

When he's riding shot-gun,
count on quick turns to alleys and neighborhoods never seen.
We've done well on his last two visits.

Hoping to pass the genetic traint on to at least one of my girls.

I think it's working!


  1. Too cute! I learned the junkie thing from my Dad too! ;)Alyssa

  2. My dad loves to junk too. Him, my uncle and my aunt used to drive around in my uncle's 1957 (?) Rolls Royce and garbage pick in the more affluent areas. My aunt and uncle used to ride in the back and pretend like my dad was their chauffeur. My husband just cringes when it is garbage day around here. It's the only 3 days that the dog gets walked. If I come home and immediately throw the dog in the house and jump in the truck he rolls his eyes.

    Great idea about the emergency kit!

  3. good times, JUlie & way to be organized! Precious photo of your Dad & girls:)

  4. I love that shot of your dad with your girls.
    My dad is the king of junk. He once brought me home a ski jacket he'd driven over in the road. "Just wash it and it will be good as new."
    Know what? He was right!

  5. such a cute pic of your girls with their grandpa! Can't wait to see what you do with your new "find".