Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tantrums and Explosions

Today is a new day.
Today is a new day.

Yesterday everything just seemed off.
My not to be named six year old had tantrums for the better part of the day.
Not typical.
Hope she's not getting sick.

A baked potato exploded in the oven.
Yes, I even poked it.
What a mess.
Took a pic.
Tried to post it.
Didn't have the cf card in the camera.

Coffee pot exploded during my efforts to make 1/2 a pot.
Here's my cup.


Today is a new day.
Off to make a pot.

Praying for no explosions today,
and no tantrums in 2 hours when my dear child comes home from school....
Wish me luck!


  1. Happy Mother's Day.
    That's why we get a day.
    Because often we have days like yesterday.
    Here's to a better day today.

  2. Happy Cinco De Mayo! no worries it will all get better today! ~lulu

  3. I do hope that your day gets better! The coffee pot exploded?! You poor thing! I don't know how I could function without coffee. Unthinkable! It sounds like you need a girls day out. No kids, a flea market and a great coffee shop nearby.

  4. Oh I hope your day was better ....NO explosions!! Put down the coffee and have a glass of wine!

  5. I hope you had a great day! I love your hopeful attitude. :)

  6. With me, it was my blender... No smoothie for me this morning. Apparently I had slippery hands because I dropped my blender which hit the edge of the counter then landed on my tile floor... bye bye blender, so sorry you were only with for 5 months...

    Hope you had a better day. Tomorrow is another day (so they say).

  7. Tantrums...did you say there will still be tantrums at 6?! Yes, this is why mothers need a special day. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  8. Oh dear Julie...that does not sound good but I admit I had to laugh.
    You have a nice way of sharing the craziest of moments! Hope your six year old is calmer today and gives you a big kiss for being such a patient Mom :)


    PS...for some strange reason, it says all my posts are coming from you. Blogger is doing funny things. They are not being directed to you are they?

  9. Oh, wow. I could've written that post yesterday!! I hope today is better!! I hope yesterday was better!! :)

    Good luck!! :)

  10. Sorry about the rough day! You handle it so well : ) This is such a random question but you always seem to do the cutest activities with your kids. Anyways, my question is if you have any good ideas of a little girls craft or activity to do at bridal shower? I am throwing a shower for my little sister and my baby sister (who is 7), her best friend, and my niece (who is 4) are going to be there. There's not really a theme and we aren't doing any games. I almost feel silly asking but like I said you have great ideas!

  11. no coffee~ewwww, cannot go there!! exploded potato? ick! but better than setting the oven thru a smoke session like i did (too much oil on potatoes & didn't wrap them~dummy me!} or dropping a pumpkin pie on oven door~that was a 3 hour cleanup!! you are truly funny & I adore you thru the tantrums & explosions~hugs!

  12. AHHH hope your day was better on thursday, we all have them, hang in there! I wish you a wonderful mothers day!
    Oh the color is Valspur (lowes) gravity