Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Back- For Good, I Promise

Yikes, it's been a few months...

I contemplated quitting the blogging thing.
For about 999 reasons.
I chose to stick with it.
For good.
It came down to three big reasons.
I've missed this little corner on the internet.
I've missed the friends I've made around the world through it.
I've missed using my voice in this way.

I've been busy "staying home" again- such an oxymoron.
It seems I'm seldom home and spend a lot of time in the minivan.
Time to figure out how to blog in my "mobile office."
I'm not working right now, but in the world of subbing, that can change in a moment.
I'm at peace with being home again.
It's taken awhile to get there.
The monotony, the quiet, the cleaning, the chauffeuring, lots of volunteering, home repair stuff.  
It's all good...just very different from last year.
Kids are happier having me home, esp. child #2.

Izzy surprised me by making dark chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday.
The big 4-1.
I took a "personal day"for myself.
Mark had the car downtown, so I hoofed it around Batavia.
Hit a garage sale, then Target.

I bought myself a pumpkin spice soy latte.
 some pumpkin scented candles...
 some "Fallish" napkins for wine and entertaining...

 My new favorite beauty tool...not sure if it works, but it sure feels good under my puffy allergy eyes! :)
 -and the big exciting supplies for the big Fall deep clean.
Exciting stuff.
Went for a run, worked in the garden, worked on an art piece, and enjoyed the day.

Time to find my "voice" again on here.
Be patient with me.


  1. YAY! so good to see you back. I just started using Garnier's dark spot remover. So far, I like it, but it's not magic. I had high hopes.

    Can't wait to see your latest art project, and enjoy your quiet time at home!

  2. Hi Julie, glad you decided to hang in there with your blog. I'm not very regular either anymore but appreciate the friends I've made here.
    Happy birthday, looks like it was a lovely day and those strawberries look delicious! :)

  3. Missed you and so glad you are back! Fall is a great time to settle in and blog! You look as beautiful as ever and a happy belated birhday to you friend!

  4. Oh Julie thank you for asking about my husband. He is doing much better. He got his pins removed finally and is scheduled for physical therapy this week. I am kind of done with all the chauffering in the early mornings so he is going to try driving....eek! It has been a long summer but a grateful one to say the least!

    You mentioned finding your voice again in the blogging world and boy has that been something I have been struggling with. I too have thought of 999 reasons to stop this whole blogging thing but realize how I would miss all the wonderful friendships I've made through this amazing process. I am really trying to figure out how to get it all done so I don't neglect what's really important! I will come back because I have things to say!

    Thanks for reading my Novella and again it's so wonderful to hear from you and follow you and your girls on FB!

    Megan (aka 1 Funky Woman)

  5. Julie,

    So glad you are still blogging! And I have never tried pumpkin soy latte looks like it would be delicious!


  6. And this is why I blog...five friends I've never met who are kindred spirits in this creative, artsy, celebrative little world. Wish you all lived closer so we could go junking, thrifting, or creating together! Thx for the warm welcome back!

  7. Happy belated birthday Julie! Welcome back, you have been missed.