Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Almost Gotcha Day Izzy!

Here's Izzy on "Gotcha Day"- Sept. 20, 2004
-8 months old-

And last night, our "Gotcha Day" celebration, 
3 days early...thank you crazy schedules.
Just as special to our family as a birthday.
Sofia (8), Izzy (8), Linnea (13), Carl (15)

My 4 babies the moment they met at O'Hare airport, 8 years ago.

Linnea & I had arranged the matching outfits before hand.  :)
Sofi (9 1/2 months old), Izzy (8 1/2 months old), Linnea (5), Carl (7)

And the moment we met our little girl at the Civil Affairs Office in Chongqing, China.

Some things in life you will never forget.


  1. What a lucky family to have such a bonding experience. I'm so glad you all have each other. Glad you're back, my friend!
    I've missed you.

  2. What a sweet glimpse into such a great family memory!

  3. oh julie..i have goosebumps! and so glad you're back :)

  4. what a special, special day!!
    so glad you have found your way back too.:)
    have a happy day julie