Friday, June 15, 2012

Which Format Do You Use?

Navigating blogger these days is like learning Greek.
Clearly I haven't been blogging much.
Clearly I have much to learn.
Clearly I need to decide if I switch to wordpress or something else.
Those of you who have been blogging through the changes...
Do you have a preference?
Any advice?
I'm thinking I need to start over.
All over.
Thanks for any help!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Julie
    Here are a couple of thoughts about 'starting' all over with blogging.
    If you already have an established blog and it is not costing you anything...stay with that blog. If people are used to finding you at your blog address, it is a comfortable feeling for your followers. BUT, you can also be creative and begin another NEW blog and maintain two blogs at the same time, if time is not a factor. It just depends upon your goals and what you are interested in promoting. Hope this helps. Oh, and I also read your article in Crescendoh and that is how I found your current blog.
    Wishing you lots of fun in creating!
    Teresa in California