Thursday, September 20, 2012

Remix- the Clothing Version

At 16,  I wanted a degree in fashion merchandising.
I took a class my Senior year of high school.
I'd sketch clothes.
Create outfits.
Make huge messes in my bedroom.
Purchase more clothes.
I loved it.
I became a teacher instead.

It was safer.
The school I went to didn't have the degree.
I loved kids.
I loved reading.
I wanted to major in Children's Literature, but it wasn't an option.
So I got a teaching degree.

The profession has changed- a lot.
My mentor used to say the pendulum swings...
and it's swung very far from where it was 19 years ago.
As much as I love teaching, I sometimes think it would be fun to go into fashion.
The teaching market is tough.
I interviewed this Summer.
180 applicants.
A local district had 1400 applicants for a kindergarten job.

 My outfits are a little "out there" at times.
I don't care.
They make me happy.
I like to shop.
And I'm very good at thrifting.

I'm often asked where I shop.
My response usually surprises people.
My closet?
It's my little haven away from the chaos of four kids.
I mix and match to my hearts content.
With four kids, I don't shop too often.

If you're local,
"Community Thrift" on Indian Trail is one of my favorite places.
I've been known to spend five hours there at a time.
Just digging.
If you stay long enough, it's a new inventory!

A newer option is "Plato's Closet."
It's a little pricier than a thrift store, but the digging has been done for you.

My favorite store?
Hands down, "Anthropologie."
I can dig in the sales room and find decent prices...
but shopping there is usually a huge splurge.

Instead I go back to my closet, and remix.
Case in point:  Hollister gray knit ruffle tank dress with polka dot skirted bottom.
I wear it with a ribbed tank from Menards.
Yep, the hardware store sells clothes.
Add my Target mustard cardigan and black leggings.
End with my Born boots.
I wear them almost every day Sept.- April
I can change this outfit and wear it with jean capris, or a shrug, or a white jean jacket.

In a future life, I'd love to style people's clothes...
be the "What not to wear" lady.
Or the window designer for a local store.
I did that once.
I was 16.
I designed the lingerie store windows.
For reals.
If they let me do it at 16, I think it's time to give it a try at 41.

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  1. I love the outfit! and the community thrift : ) It is a dangerous place for me.