Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dumb Things I Do

in effort to be frugal...

Go in for an eyebrow wax.
And leave with no hair on my face.
After my run with my friend, I decided I'd "treat" myself to a wax.
It's been awhile.
My eyebrows are unruly.
The feel of the wax and the pull of the gauze feels pretty relaxing to me.
Really, it does.
I remember Oprah saying it was the cheapest face lift available.
I guess I have her to thank for my stupidity?
To save $, I thought I'd give a local place a try that was cheaper...$6 cheaper.
I'd heard they do a good job, but speak little English.
No problem.
I walked in the room.
Another person was lying in there taking a nap.
That should have been my first clue.
She waxed my brows.
Not as fancy and soothing as the salon down the street.
But hey, I was saving some $, right?
Then she touched above my lip.
"This too?"
"You need it."
Oh boy.  
Next thing I know I have wax cooking in lines across my face.
There seemed to be no rhyme or reason.
It was no longer relaxing.
It was no longer $6 cheaper.
She told me to go look in the mirror.
Nice, hairless, red, blotchy face.
"Red go down in few hours."
I'm still waiting.
Thank goodness it's sunny and windy outside.
I'll just tell people I've been enjoying the breeze.
But hey, my brows look better!


  1. Ah the love/hate wax relationship. I know it all too well.

  2. I've never been waxed. Too chicken. I still pluck with the tweezers. So you run? Are you a member of the Fox River Trail Runners by any chance? Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry I'll miss you at the get-together later this month. Hope you stay in touch. Maybe we'll meet at a local race!