Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes the quiet of our house from 9-3:30 is deafening.
On other days I embrace it.
Today is one of those days.
My list is long...
Most of it involves restoring order to our home.
The laundry.
The dust.
The odds and ends here and there.
I'm rereading this....
The problem?
I need to throw out more than fifty things. :)

And just picked up these two books at the library...

I know that my seasonal clock interferes with my activity.
I know that my creative side interferes with my ability to focus.
I know that I need to accept both of these facts...
and make cleaning and household chores creative and inspiring. I'm thinking outside the box.
I'm cranking the tunes (I Gotta Feeling on Pandora)
I'm cleaning like I'm staging my home.
I'm going to make something....

And I'm going to take to heart the wisdom of this bird.



  1. Fun to see that I have company in the hard to focus creativity world!That's how I clean too...Like I'm staging, it makes me want to do the deed;)Alyssa

  2. I've been cleaning this week too! Oh purging the items that are just clutter feels sooo good..i've more then 50 as well!! happy cleaning!

  3. I love throwing things away. Especially the children's vast collection of tat!!! But shhhh! Don't tell them I said that!


  4. Good for you!! Dance it out and go crazy! :) Sometimes just doing that while cleaning house makes me feel a bit better! :) I hope you had a great day!
    Love the bird, very pretty and the quote is just perfect!

  5. I love purging and getting rid of things...unfortunately nobody else in my family shares my love of doing this. My husband's nightstand drawers are full of EVERY issue of Air and Space magazine he's received in the past ten years. The only time he opens the drawers are to jam another magazine in there. It drives me insane.

    Good luck in your quest to get rid of things!

    ~ Sarah