Thursday, March 3, 2011

On My Mind

All the time lately...
Is this space....

Our church fellowship hall.
Pardon the iphone pic.
I'll work on some better ones this weekend!

I know it doesn't look like much, but I've been busy with this project for over a year....
and making it a reality!

Most of the furniture has arrived within the last two weeks.
The conference table in the back corner and the ugly garbage can are going.

I'm really happy with the choices we've made.
We have fun conversation areas throughout the space...
...two booths
..."a campfire" complete with marshmallow ottomans,
...several sizes of tables
...a toddler wall coming next week height tables

Now we're down to the tough stuff.
Choices on a sound system.
Fixed or movable monitors.
Window treatments or blinds or both.
What accessories?
What artwork?

My head is spinning with prices and measurements.
Would love to hear ideas for the windows...there are 10 in the room.
The far focal wall is eggplant.
When we started we had to work with two things-
the chairs around the tables, and the carpet.

I think I'll be blowing up some old old pics for the walls.
We're adding some cool planters too.

Any fun accessory/ wall ideas for a space like this?


  1. It seems like a fun project! How about having the kids draw pictures on different bible stories and frame them on the wall? Or having them write a little prayer and make a collage out of them?

  2. Um . . . what's a toddler wall?

  3. How about old fishnets for window treatments?? You know..."fishers of men?"

  4. Old fishnets would be pretty sweet...not sure what the committee would say. :)
    The toddler wall has wall mounted commercial grade toys. We purchased three that should arrive this week. For the next bit of fun...drilling into the cinder block. Don't worry dad, I'll pass that task to someone else. :)

  5. Julie this sounds like such a fun project! I've really enjoyed the little bit of church hall decorating I've done - it is so rewarding when a suddenly a space for people to build community pops out at the end :)