Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stellar Parenting Moment

"Did I tell you mommy that you sent the needle to school with me?"
"The needle, with the pink thread. Izzy said you were looking for it."
"I was. I got another one and finished fixing your rain jacket."
"It was hanging on my lei Mommy. I didn't think it should be there."
"Did you wear the lei all day at school?"
"For a little bit. Then I saw the needle."
"Did you show anyone?"
"No Mommy. I just took it off and put it in my backpack. I didn't want to get you in trouble."

Thanks for covering my back Sofi.

Just thought I'd share.

My kids start Spring break today.
I'm not ready.
House is a disaster....again.
Winter projects aren't done.
Not ready to wear a swim suit for three days at a waterpark.
Not ready for endless sibling spats.

I am ready to let go of a crazy schedule for a week and a half.
I am ready to sit in the water dome with the sun beating on my face.
I am ready to relax in a condo with a hot tub.
I am ready to tackle the girls' room with them.
I am ready for warmer weather....

It's snowing again right now.
Three hours until they're home.
Time to finish a decorating proposal.
Time to visit the dentist for a check-up.

Good thing I worked out this morning and chilled in the steam room.
Sitting in the dentist chair is right up there with funeral flower arrangements.


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  1. Good girl Sofi! The "got my back" comment made me laugh! Too funny! I have had times like that too. Thank goodness for kids to keep us in line. What would we do without them? Enjoy your spring break! You deserve it!