Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cleaning Catastrophe

Being gone for five days was great.
Coming back to messes and life, not so much.
I've been playing catch up all week.

After I arrived home from Seattle, I cleaned the fridge.
I dumped several containers of leftovers down the disposal.
Five minutes later, one thing was checked off my list.

Six hours later, I ran the dishwasher.
I cleaned the kitchen.
I put the kids to bed.
I went downstairs to change the laundry.
Something smelled horrific.

The recently routed floor drain was oozing...
with leftovers.
ALL over clean clothes.
Why was there clean clothes on the floor?
Izzy and Sofi had gone through their bins of Spring clothes.
They had a little fashion show in the laundry room...
and didn't put it away like I had asked.

A glass of wine and bucket of bleach later,
I went to bed.
Mark was a trooper...went to the store for draino, helped clear the drain.
Helped me clean the mess.

Sometimes cleaning can be problamatic.


  1. See! That is why I try to do as little as possible! It just leads to disaster! Only one glass of wine? Wow, what restraint. I would of had atleast one if not two bottles for that job!

  2. Remember your word for the year. Sorry that was your choice. I may have just flown back to Seattle and forgotten I'd promised to clean for the rest of the year.
    Yuck. Welcome home, Mom.

  3. Oh my goodness! I hopped on over hear after reading all of Donna's comments. You poor thing. I am not a wine drinker {although I think I could definitely start some days}, but I am surprised you didn't drink a bucket of wine and use a glass of bleach! HA! Hope the worst is over for awhile. Another *reality* post. Love it!!

  4. Im relieved for the glass of wine and helpful hubby! :)

    Thanks for your mail - I will reply as soon as I have a sec. xxx

  5. oh boy~ I hate those kind of "surprises". glad you got it handled! hugs, Cathy