Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Was Your Last Personal Day?

I took one yesterday...and I highly recommend it.
Yesterday morning wasn't going swimmingly....
Dropped off the girls, and planned on heading to two classes at the gym.
Got a call en route,
and had to head home and do a few things.

Got to the gym,
went to my locker....and realized I forgot my sneakers.

Back to the car, -11 outside.
Headed home,
picked up the sneakers,
missed the class,
went to the gym,
and realized I needed a mental vacation.

I worked out longer than normal.
Even read a silly book while on a bike.
Sat in the steam room for a long time.
Headed to my favorite mall.
Wandered a bit, picked up a few things at VS...

Little known fact- my first job was a clerk at a local lingerie store
I was 16
....loads of stories for another day

Poured over books and magazines at Borders,
Listened to "Lenka" on Pandora (trust me, best station ever),
Sketched three new birds,
Dreamed a little,
Came home just in time to pick up the girls.

It was a lovely day.
My batteries are recharged.
I so needed a personal day.
Today I will play catch up...
5 loads of laundry,
3 bathrooms to clean,
Floors to mop.
Meals to plan.
Shopping to be done.
Tutoring to plan.
Freezing again (-19 this morning)...

Oh well.
It was worth it.
I'm putting another one on the calendar right now....
(photo- Door County, 2/09)


  1. Kind of stinks that our personal days come with a TON of make-up work huh??:)
    Sounds like it was the perfect kind of day and sounds like you really needed and deserved it! Good for you!
    Have a happy day

  2. glad you were able to re-charge, maybe I need a day of that! hugs, cathy

  3. I love that you call it a personal day...sounds perfect! Well, your day sounds perfect minus the gym part! :)

  4. I can't tell you the last time I had a personal, I need one! They don't happen much with a baby and a traveling husband. Glad you took advantage of one Julie!! Recharge!!

  5. sounds like a wonderful day!..i went grocery shopping at two different grocery stores on friday night....without kids...completely on my own...and it was HEAVEN!!!...think i need more by myself time!

  6. I'm so glad you had a day to yourself!!!

  7. Holy MACKREL that is COLD!!! HOW do you even GO to gym????? How do you get out of bed? How do you do ANYTHING!? You are officially my new hero. At least youve had blue skies - that makes ALL the difference!