Thursday, February 3, 2011

Right Now

Can you hear me?The "feels like temp" is zero now.
We've had a little heat wave!

Two hours ago it was -7, but the sun was shining.
My son wanted to go for a walk to turn in his volunteer application...
Great idea.
Not today.

My daughter wanted to get the neighborhood kids together and play in her fort.
Great idea.
Not today.

We are going out of our minds.
We've cleaned our rooms.
We've practiced our instruments.
We had a 30 minute mandatory silent reading time.
We've made more cinnamon rolls....
which means I need to head to the gym when Mark gets home...
We've reorganized the laundry room.
We've played the Wii.
We've played games.
We've played teacher.
We've modge podged.
We've painted.
We've cleaned the art studio closet.
We've cleaned the floors.

Tomorrow is Friday.
My children are praying for another snow day.
I'm not.

We have family coming for dinner.
32 of them.

oh please,
can my sweet children head back to school tomorrow?

I need a little space.
I need a little time to bake and cook.
I need a little time at the gym.



  1. Right there with ya! I cleaned the children's rooms. For 2 days! Give me a break! They think it will be cool to have tomorrow off. Not me! Really make them mad if they have to have the school year extended! Haha!

  2. Update. I sent them outside to make a fort and sled on the mound in the court for a bit. They are happily laughing right now...and I am happy in hear in the warmth, surfing through blogland. :) There will be school tomorrow, and I will open a bottle of wine to celebrate later this evening.

  3. I hear ya Julie! Mine went back today and boy was I lovin the quiet!

  4. I've been complaining that mine have been out early (two hours) for the last few days for teachers' meetings.
    Done complaining. Sending sympathy your way.
    And this is why I will never home school.

  5. I don't even have kids, but I can imagine how difficult it must be to have to entertain them all day long. I hope you got everything done that needed to get done for your very large dinner party.

  6. We had three snow days, followed by two regularly scheduled school holidays with a weekend thrown in. Felt like Christmas break all over again! Spring can't be far away, I noticed the tips of our daffodils breaking through this weekend.

  7. did you know your cradt room was pictured in Kristin's recent post (My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia) wow!! congrats, Julie! cathy

  8. so can relate!!! i count my blessings every time the wonderful bus lady picks up the kids!!!!