Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspiration and Risks

Getting back on track,
after a few weeks of nuttiness.

Looking for a bit of inspiration today,
and remembered this bird I made in December....
Sorry for the head tilting exercise.

This little bird is now at a store in Naperville called Little Luxuries...

She's a funny little blue bird,

But I like her.
I love the frame...from the store.
It's reclaimed barn wood....

She came to be because I took a risk.

My friend Donje and I were having lunch.
We wandered into this beautiful store.
I could have moved in.
Many a day I'd like to!

I found this cute little e.e. cummings quote and many others by the cash register.
I lost myself in the words for a bit,
and spent a long time completely absorbed.

The owner asked what I was going to do with my ever-growing pile of quotes.
I told her I'd been making birds from old books, lace, and quotes, and these were perfect.
She asked if she could see my art.
I thought for a minute, and realized she could.
On my phone.
I loaded up my blog.
She liked what she saw, and took a chance on me.
She gave me a box full of frames to fill with birds.
She asked that they be in her shop for Christmas.

I walked to the car carrying my heavy box of frames.
Glad I went out on a limb and shared.
Grateful for the chance this storekeeper took.

I think these birds are still there....

I'm going to get back at it today.
Cutting little pieces.
Making art.
Giddy to have a little time to myself.
Thankful for some time to myself.
Inspired again.


  1. I bought something today because of you. Look for it on my blog sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. wow, julie, these are just beautiful. i love them and love the time and carer you put into each.

  3. Julie WHEN are you going to open an etsy store??? If you aren't going to Im going to have to give up waiting and just order one. These really make my heart happy each time I see them!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Amanda here. I'm your Bravery Prayer Warrior sent by the Flower Patch Farmgirl:)
    I wanted to slide you a note this morning to let you know that I would be praying for you all day. If there is anything specific, you can slide me an email at: