Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All That Remains

are Hugs and Kisses wrappers...
and I could use both right now.
It's been a long day.

I don't live in a cabin,
I'm not sick,
but I sure do have cabin fever.

No more saving for big Summer vacations...
we need to leave the state of IL in Feb. or March instead.
A beach.
Good books.
I'm there.

Izzy's home sick....stomach flu and a tad of a fever.
Poor thing.

I'm working hard on my word for the year,
Washing hands until they are raw.
More laundry.
More cleaning.

I'm done.
Time to plan a vacation...


  1. It hit me hard today. I'm tired of being cold. :)

  2. Open invite to AZ. Come on down! How many wrappers do you think you threw away? I think I was close to 100. Yuck. Almost as bad as Halloween.

  3. Oh can I relate!!
    I totally get why they are constantly airing beachy vacation commercials about now...I am this close...!
    Hope everyone else stays well!

  4. Forget the kids and hubbies. We need a girls fun in the sun weekend! Woo hoo! Yes, if I am going to dream, I am going all out. I am so tired of the boots and slush and yuck. I want spring and sunshine. I do hope that Izzy is feeling better soon! Big hugs to you! Oh, I can usually find some chocolate stashed in the kids rooms. Usually good for a quick fix!