Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apologies to My Future In-Laws

That would be my possible future daughter-in law and son-in laws.
I've been working hard to train your spouses on the art of picking up after themselves.

They are failing.

By the time you meet them,
it is my hope that they will know how to...
put their shoes in the shoe cabinet or boot tray,
put their coat away,
clean off the counter,
pick up their wrappers,
put away their personal belongings,
cook an amazing meal,
and many, many, other necessary life skills.

It is the dead of Winter here in IL in Feb. of 2011,
and I am trying to train them daily.
I am tired.
I am concerned for their potential future spouses.
Know that I will continue to work to help them be independent,

Please be patient with them.
By the time they meet you,
I hope they will no longer be slobs.

Your Future Mother In-Law


  1. i am right there with you. but i will say my son will know how to treat a woman at least. :) i mean that counts for something, right?

  2. Oh yes!
    This will be a precious thing to share at each of their weddings,

    x Felicity

  3. Aren't all kids like this? If not, then mine and yours are the exceptions. Keep trying. And so will I.

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  5. What's up with that guy!!!:) this post. Great for a Friday morning laugh! Although it's really not funny right?!?!:)
    Have a happy day

  6. Oh Julie you are too funny and just the sweetest thing alive! I am going to copy this and save it for when my kids get married. I think every mom feels this way at one time or another. You are doing a wonderful job. Don't let it get you down! I think we need a girls night out!

    As for "Anonymous", obviously you have not found an American woman stupid enough to buy into your 18th century ideals of women. I would venture to think that we could find many faults in you which make you undesirable. It's the 21st century. Wake up! Slavery has been abolished and women are allowed to vote and are treated as equals. Find some place else to whine.

  7. Love your post!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my endless picking-up of bits of Lego and Barbie dresses. Grrr....

    And what an 'interesting' range of comments you have today!! ;-)


  8. Stop by, there is a little something there for you!

  9. Heels and lipstick are not required to accept the award. You do have to pass it on to 5 other bloggers also. You also have to make a post about when blogging clicked for you.

  10. What is up with that guy is right..I've seen him around blogland. Weird!! Anyway, I'd love it if you were my kids mil!!! Great post Julie!!

  11. This is an admirable goal, Julie. Though, just because they're taught to do these things as children doesn't mean they'll remember to do them as spouses. Not that I have experience with that or anything. ;)