Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Things That Make Me Happy

There are a billion things really,
I'm loving the applesauce maker turned Christmas tree...
Mark's idea actually.
He didn't think I'd use it.
He's probably right.
It' s much more functional this way.
Resting on a candleholder and a little two tiered tray....

My sled.
-18 with the windchill yesterday.
The kids are dying to sled.
not until it gets above 5 degrees.
I'm pretty sure my Swedish ancestors settled here in the Fall.
It's beautiful then.
Who would move here in the Winter??

My skis.
Pure bliss heading up the stairs.

In the midst of bows,
and baking like a fiend,
it's good to have some things that cause me to pause....



  1. Love the everything! That tree is so cute, great idea!!! Your hubby is becoming quite the decorator! :)

  2. Well...our little snow storm here in my area STOPPED all of Louisville. My car didn't start this am. And the whole weekend, my mom and I camped out at my home with Thurgood while everyone went to Chicago for the Walsh Christmas.

    Going to the post tomorrow...got my dad's van fixed. I will be sending you an email tomorrow.


  3. The tree is cute, but that sled is to die for! Love it with the candles on it. Also like your cleverness with the skis. I do know how you feel though. So much to do and not enough time.