Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking the Kitchen

Added this little chandelier above the sink...
a wedding gift from a family friend that's moved around the house....
Loving it here...

Made a little cork and music tree...

Had this urn in the corner with a white pumpkin all Fall,
and wanted a little something for Christmas...

Took some posterboard,
a few Christmas songs,
and some old corks.

Love making 5 minute projects that make me smile!


  1. oh Julie I have always wanted a little chandy over my sink! I think you've inspired me to do it...and you should see the HUGE vase of corks we have. We like our wine!

  2. Your window is beautiful! The chandelier is so pretty with the all the lace! Love the tree, very clever!

  3. so cute~all of it!! i love the spoons & recipes against the valance!!