Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a P Day

P is for Parties, Pajamas, Poinsettias, Police Station, Pilates, and more Parties.
That's my agenda for the day.
I'm between the police station visit and pilates right now.

Let's start at the beginning....

P for Parties....5 today....
1. Sofi's school birthday party...cupcakes delivered. Check.
2. Preschool party at church....helped serve. Check.
3. Sofi's Christmas party at school. 20 gingerbread men made, and 20 bags of "kitted"toppings. Why? Please don't ask.... I never want to see a gingerbread man again.
4. Izzy's Christmas party at school. I get to show up and see her smile. A beautiful thing....
5. Carl's Christmas piano recital. Still need to make skor bars. Yikes...not sure when I'll fit that in....

-Pajamas...should have been wearing to the preschool party, but I opted out of that.
I don't wear pajamas.
I don't have a pair I like,
and I wear a variety of things.
The other day I wore my ski vest and mittens.
Hey, I was cold.
So romantic too.
Get your mind out of the gutter.
Back to my day....

-Poinsettias...had a sweet visit with an old friend in assisted living,
brought a poinsettia from the bright point of the day

-Police Station
I got pulled over last night.
First time in 22 years of driving.
I've had some other issues with driving over the years,
like the car wash incident of 1988,
but I've never been pulled over.
Sofi started to cry, "my mommy's going to jail!!"
Fabulous way to start the evening.
En route from train to a church dinner.
Pulled over right in front of the church.
I thought I was too fast at the stop sign.
I wasn't.
The problem?
She wanted to see if Mr. Johnson was driving?
He was in the passenger seat.
Good thing.
Turns out his license expired last month.
One more thing I don't keep track of.
Then she wanted the insurance docs...
Madly fumbled through the glove compartment...
five years were there, not this one.
Whoops again.
Got a warning.
Brought the insurance docs in today,
we had them.
All is good.
No Sofi, mommy is not spending Christmas in jail.

A billion things I could do,
including the making of the aforementioned skor bars....
(saltines, butter, brown sugar, chocolate chips...deadly)
I've made two batches.
I've sampled a few to deal with stress.
said it.
When stressed,
I bake,
or head to the gym.
This week has been very stressful,
and will continue to be for a few more days.
Since I've baked,
and created this week,
it's time to employ strategy number 4...
head to the gym.
Pilates vs. the skor bars.
May pilates win.

I feel better.
Have a wonderful day...and check your drivers license, and glove compartment today.
That my friends, is my public service announcement for the day.


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  1. Very cute post! So glad you got out with a warning!! :) My kids laughed at my hubby when he got pulled over! :) I hope you can fit everything else in! Have fun! :)