Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ah, what a day

Vino and blogging...
a wonderful end to a crazy crazy day.

I bet you didn't ride on a bus with a trumpet, trombone, cello, and percussion set today.
I did.
With a busload of excited middle school musicians,
performing at a nearby mall.

A mall...
what a novelty...
our closest is a ghost town.

Had a wonderful group of 4 girls,
shopped, watched, lunched, and just enjoyed being with them...

Came home,
dined with the family,
helped direct a kid's choir at church,
cleaned some more,
helped with homework,
a bunch,
cleaned some more....

....should be cleaning my room (what a disaster....dumped the Christmas decorations there),
or the floor,
or making birds,
or folding laundry,
or cleaning a toilet,
or prepping for tutoring,
or doing paperwork,
or decorating for Christmas,
or making lunches,
or cleaning off the countertop behind me....

But I'm not,
I'm here trying to figure out why my text is underlining,
trying to figure out how it can possibly be Dec. 2nd.,
contemplating why I live here in the Midwest,
when I could live somewhere much warmer,
trying to figure out how to juggle the tasks of tomorrow,
when I put them all on hold today.

Off to the bedroom,
hoping to find a few more homes for Christmas decorations.
I don't like the cluttered feel of the decorations right now...
it's stifling.
I may be going for a minimalist approach for a change.
I think it would be a breath of fresh air,
but I'm not sure the family would approve.

I'll leave you with a bird.
She's at Little Luxuries in Naperville...a lovely boutique, along with 4 others.
A beautiful story for another day....

Off to find " a sense of order" amongst the everyday clutter of our busy family....


  1. You crack me up! I need to finish my decorating too, I want my table back...and the floor!
    Love your little bird, you are so talented.

  2. Wow, you did have a busy one!!!
    We have little bits of Christmas lying about unhung and driving me nuts too!:)
    Let's hope we both get them done and away today.
    Love that little bird!
    Enjoy the day Julie

  3. i love your contemplations!! this year I only decorated with things I love! the rest went into a box in the basement & I will decide at the end of the month what to get rid of...funny how all of the everyday stuff gets ignored in the holiday season..good for you on the cleaning! hugs, Cathy

  4. I love her and love that in the midst of a schedule that seems as hectic as mine, you are creating something beautiful. You so inspire me!

    Do you have an ETSY shop?

  5. those birds are sooooo cute! i love that idea!

  6. Your words....always amaze does your art. :)