Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sledding to Dinner?

Goodwill candle holder meets curbside sled for a wild ride on the dining room table..

It's a wonderful conversation piece,
and has a sense of humor too...
something that is important to maintain during the holidays....

The chandelier above is sporting some ribbon and pine cones...

Simple and rustic.
I'll add some greenery and berries to the table this week.
We're hosting a big family gathering on Sunday.

Here is my Pottery Barn knock-off...

The little girls put these together with me...
Five minutes of crafting,
and they were done....
the crafts and the girls.

They found a home on the corner hutch...found curbside a few years ago.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping.
Plenty of time still....

Any teacher gift ideas?
I have 4 days to figure it out.

Any good gift ideas for women?
Something thoughtful but not too impersonal for someone you don't know very well?
I'm stumped.

14 days and it all needs to be done.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...



  1. love your centerpiece! you crack me on the gift ideas! my sis is a teacher & they love gift cards the most. also i would think that these items would be useful: hand soap & lotion, notepads & nice pens. good luck & let us know what you came up with!! cathy

  2. Love it! What a great idea!! We did a every-one-pitch in gift this year for my sons teacaher. It was another moms idea and we got her an apple peeler, the kind that you crank and it peels. She loves apples so we all thought that that was fitting! :)

  3. Scarves are a good gift for women. Cute & affordable.

  4. I love the sled centerpiece! When in doubt, I give yummy smelling candles or chocolate to teachers and neighbors.

  5. What a fabulous centerpiece!

    As for ideas for a teacher..I always adored gift cards or something personal from the student.

    As a student I use to always give my teacher an ornament I made or thought reminded me of my teacher. {I had one collect bells, another that LOVED purple...all of these became a starting point for ornaments.}

    Once your little one has found or made the perfect..make sure to attach a note that says:

    Every time you hang this on your tree..may you always remember me.

    {so simple and so touching}