Friday, March 23, 2012

The Red Baron Has Landed!

They are here!

I fell in love with these last Spring,
I knew I'd never pay Restoration Hardware's prices for them.
I didn't think they'd ever be a reality.
They disappear often.

I loved the contrast of vintage leather and metal,
The curves,
The sleek lines,
The uniqueness,
The red baron feel,

and how they reminded me of my mom.
Let me explain.

My parents were the prior owners of 545.
Mom loved her "bucket" chairs.
She had two in the corner of this room.
I think she replaced them at least once.
I could always find her there with a book,
and ready for conversation.

With the canoe there, "bucket" style chairs weren't an option.
These don't swivel, but the lines remind me of mom's chairs.

I know they aren't for everybody.
But I love them.

The kids do too.
They remind you of sitting in a pilot seat.
Sofi was thrilled to have a box on this rainy day.
See her little arms drawing?

Truth be told, the big boy was inside the other...



  1. Those are very unique chairs! I love that they are called "accelerator" chairs... very cool!

  2. Those are awesome and go so perfectly in that room!

  3. Those are the coolest chairs Julie, I love the story of inspiration that goes with them.