Thursday, April 19, 2012


I seem to be swinging in and out of Blogland.

I'm alive.
I've been filling my days at home again.
The gym, volunteering, cleaning, organizing, gardening.
Finally got some calls for subbing and excited about that.
The days go so quickly, and the 3-10 p.m. shift is like another job.
Seems like "the boy" stays awake longer these days.
As a result I'm staying awake longer to unwind a bit.

Painting has become part of my days and late nights again.
Forgot how much I missed it.

It's easy to lose oneself in a canvas for a bit.
I painted this one last week.

I have a 24 x 30 inch canvas busting off of the easel right now.
It's of a tree that's been yarn bombed.
I found the image online and Linnea asked me to paint it.
If you have no idea what yarn bombing is, google it and you'll smile.



  1. i just love this painting! you are so talented, julie.

  2. Good to hear from you and nice that you are enjoying the simple things. I agree that the 3-10 shift is a doozy! How great that you picked up the paintbrushes again...what you created is pure beauty.

  3. A wonderful painting! You've got the depth figured in perfectly!

  4. Your painting is beautiful!!