Thursday, March 22, 2012

Come On In

The lighting is so hard to capture.
I've been playing with the dreaded manual focus.
It's kind of fun!

Everything in the room has significance.
The two rocking chairs are from my dad.
The larger one was a wedding gift.
The smaller one was my childhood rocker.
I bought the decoys when we first moved to town.
Money was tight and I found an incredible garage sale.
The canoe was made by my dad in High School.
The lamp above was his cousin's.
The little lantern by the window is from a dear friend.

If you turn to the left this is what you see.

The pictures were hanging outside on the back of the garage.
The frames are old windows found curbside.
Then I brought them down to the basement.
I love how they fill the wall.
I'm thinking they need to move a little closer together.
The chest was in my brother's closet when we bought this home from my parent's.
It's big, clunky, distressed, and I love it.
Inside the chest is our extra blankets.
I pulled the lanterns out of the trash.
They were outdoor fixtures.
The metal bin on the bricks was our family toy chest when I was little.

We kicked the couch to the curb.
I don't miss it.
Coming tomorrow are two chairs to join this one.
This chair was a killer deal at a local store.
I overheard one of the customers say, "that's the ugliest chair I've ever seen."
Moments later I was paying for it. :)
I love it.
It reminds me of my grandpa's wool shirts.
It's down filled and super comfy.
The light was a Target find a few years back.
The stump was from our friend's tree nursery.

Here's the nook to the left when you enter the room.
This is where the eyesore of a desk was.

Eyesore no more...just clean lines.
This piece was in the dining room.
It's filled with easy access entertaining supplies.
Glasses, trays, appetizer plates, candles, napkins.
Everything needed for a quick party.
It was from my mother in law's best friend's estate.
She lived much of her adult life in Africa.
We think the piece is from there.
The wood is interesting, and the back is actually metal.
Mark made an adjustment of the legs to make it fit.
On top are forsythia from our flowering bush outside.

The inner vase is filled with water.
The outer vase is filled with wine corks.

Swing back to the left and you'll find the next area we're figuring out.
This piece was from an antique store in Michigan.
We bought it soon after we were married.
It holds our wine and some candle holders.
It's an old school desk attached to a Singer base.
Love it.
It was in the dining room too.

We're still playing with options for above it.
This is a magazine cover from 1960 that we had enlarged.
Mark's grandpa is on the front cover.
It was found after his grandma passed away last year.
This copy is too big...we're still looking for a frame.

Here's that space.
Note you are now back at the entry to the room.
I'm looking for a 36 inch clock to put in that peak.
I have some artwork to hang on the left side as well.

So there you have it.
More pics to come once the art is hanging and chairs have arrived.

One last look.
The weasel on the canoe is the only thing in the room I'm not fond of.

I need to photograph the dining room too.
Despite moving two pieces in here it's not empty. :)
I'm loving the changes.

Today's task?
Tackle the kitchen cabinet.
With four busy kids it's a constant issue.
This is my last day at home before their break.
Time to fill more bags for Goodwill.



  1. it looks fabulous, julie! you did a great job- i love the photos of the kids and the warm cozy feeling!

  2. The room looks so comfortable and welcoming. Like you could curl up with a good book or have a good visit with a good friend.