Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days to Remember

Listening to the laughter of my boys playing with their fake basketball teams.
I don't get it, but I'm happy they like hanging out together.

My girls do too.
Our house isn't huge by some people's standards,
but it's plenty big for me.
The girls and I decided to make forts yesterday after school.
I thought the table in the play room would suffice.
It did, for about 5 minutes.

S & I chose to take matters in their own hands.
They've created an amazing fort under the basement stairs.
They are on top of each other literally.
They've created a sign in sheet.
The wonderful thing about it?
To access the laundry room I must sign in.
If I can't get in, I can't do laundry!

I'd take pics, but they are asleep.
I almost am too.
Driving to the gym at 5:05 a.m. is nuts.
Worked out.
Showered at home.
Breakfast with the big kids.
Laundry sorted.
Lunch making supervision.
Mark to train.
Breakfast with the little girls.
Off to school.
Six reading groups.
Lunch in the car while talking to a friend.
Prep time.
Conferencing with teachers.
Bus duty.
Clean up.
Dinner for Carl.
Carl to marching band.
Dinner with girls.
Picked up Mark.
Figured out car pools.
Baked cookies with Linnea.
Dinner for Mark.
Linnea to Brink (youth group).
Mark picked up Carl.
Mark picked up Linnea.
Reading with girls.
Are these the days to remember???

They are,
and tomorrow we will do it again....


  1. One day whey all that's on the schedule is bridge and lunch dates, you'll forget days were ever like this. Good to have evidence for posterity.
    And ps Thanks for your comments on my post today. I think of you often, since I used your thyme container to hold my kosher salt.Thanks, friend.
    And wishing you a great night's sleep.

  2. I can't believe you fit a blog post in there too! Sounds like a whirl wind and bus duty...jeesh what a whippin, but I can still hear the joy in your words!

    I think I need a sign in for laundry! :)

  3. I got tired just reading all this! I can't believe what you cram into one itsy bitsy day. I couldn't get all that done in a week! I think you need a vacation!

  4. this is why I blog Julie. If it wasn't for my silly blog, I wouldn't remember what I did yesterday. Seriously. :)