Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Old

And the kids at school have no problem telling me so.

I introduced myself to a little girl, and said I was Izzy's mom.
I was hoping to make her comfortable.
"YOU are Izzy's mom?"

"I am..and Sofi's too."

"YOU are Izzy's mom? For real??"
"I am sweetie."
"You can't be."
"Why not?"
"You're way too old."
"How old do you think I am?"
"Geez, like 40 or 50 or maybe even older?"
"You are really good. I am 40!"
"My mom is so much younger than you."
"Yep. She's only 35."

So there.
I didn't think anyone would guess my new age yet.
I was wrong.
Kids are so smart.

I am this old, and this short.
Look at where my head hits the door.
Then look at these two.

Ok, I was wearing flats.
Next time I'll put on the heels and the eye cream.
Time to get some beauty sleep so I'm ready for another day at school...


  1. Funny story...and how she said WAY younger. One day that will come back to bite her...when she is 40. Take that little one.

  2. Kids say the darndest things! You look wonderful for your age! I bet her mom won't make 40 look as good as you. I tell the kids I am celebrating the 24th anniversary of my 24th birthday. Doesn't make almost turning 50 so bad.

  3. Kids...who needs em? :) I love your 'new age'! You look beautiful!

  4. My husband and I teach Sunday School and one of the boys there guessed that I was at least 52. At the time, I was only 32. Hello?! Can you say, he's not my favorite anymore! But I think it has to do with what they are used to. This kiddo had older parents so he guessed that since I'm a mom, I have to be at least as old as his parents. However, I was not thrilled with his frame of reference!


  5. then I must be ancient at 43!! You look fabulous Julie...Happy Birthday!! :)

  6. I think you are a gorgeous 40 year old! My kids either make me feel like a million bucks or like going back to bed and staying there. And they are completely oblivious! x Sharon

  7. Too cute, you look great of course!!


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  8. Honey- you look the same as you did on the day you got married! Beautiful as ever. Next time just tell them you're almost was old as Yoda- they don't know what to say to that.

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  10. Oops ~ Had to delete my typo...
    I was going to say that you can't be old, since I am 9 years older... Alas, after I posted that, I saw my typo... guess I am too old to see well! *sigh*
    Happy Adoption Day Johnson Family!

  11. I can only imagine how old my Johanna's friends will think *I* am when they're Izzy's age!