Monday, September 26, 2011

Pondering On Life, Guys in tight pants, and Cleaning

Another week has passed.
Every time I think I'm getting into a groove, something shifts.

Today I'm beat.
I'm craving a personal day, and wishing for a little down time.
The weekend was good...but not relaxing.
I feel like I'm always "on."
Too much to keep track home and at work.

The house is clean....and has been so since last week.
Apparently I'm the one who dirties it during the day? :)
I cleaned like a maniac.
Top to bottom.
Up til 1 a.m., and up again at 5 a.m.
Nothing like a little photo shoot to get the blood going.

Country Sampler was here last Thursday.
I was dying to be here to see them style and photograph.
Mark was instead.
So not fair.
I came home for lunch.
It was a zoo.
Too much commotion to gain any perspective.
I'll have to wait until the issue is out in January.

Is anyone else sick of football already?
I almost googled "how to enjoy a game,"
or "being nice to spouse during game,"
or "testosterone in tight pants...I don't get it."
I don't understand the hype.
I don't get the game.
I don't like the tackling.
I think their uniforms are queer.

I tried to sit through a varsity game last week.
It was painful.
Packed stands.
Whiney tired little girls.
Commotion everywhere.
Crazy parents screaming at the refs.
Not the way one wants to relax on a Friday night.
My version of ____.

The best part?
My son marching at halftime.
My son who gets the coordination gene from his mother.
I'm all.
My brother nicknamed me "Putz" through High School.

Anyway, watching the band is incredible.
He's right in in step I can't find him.
He got a hair cut last week for the occasion.
A big haircut.
I didn't recognize him at the door the other night.
I locked him out.

Off to the next thing....


  1. You're so like your Dad!...speaking personally

  2. Cleaning is so overrated! I am on strike until I can do stuff without hurting myself. Need some pics of what you are up to though!

  3. Can you come over and clean my house?

  4. Yes Dad, I am like you...I will take that as a compliment. :) I need to take pics Maggie! Cleaning...a blessing and a curse. I'd rather clean someone else's home than mine! :)

  5. Great job.. I have to do a lot of cleaning this week. had a party of my two little daughters birthdays..

    xoxo Rozmeen