Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Mom, you really need a filter..."

Thank you dear Son.
He told me this after I announced to my children that the dress in the corner boutique might as well be a bra.
We were heading to the library.
I said what was on my mind.
Just being real.
I probably needed a filter.

Sometimes I do.
It's been six weeks since I've blogged.
I've missed it.
I've been busy, but the real reason for not blogging is the whole filter thing.

To filter what's really on my mind or not?
For those of you who blog, what's your take...
To filter the written word or not?
Perhaps I should just write a private journal.

I have four weeks left in my permanent sub position.
I'm not sure what's next for me....
But know that I love what I'm doing.
Shocked by how much I love the primary grades.
Attached to my little friends I see every day.
Enjoying using my brain.

I learned last week that I've aged...considerably.
17 years ago I was the young teacher at the conference table.
Now I'm the oldest in the room, and ready to check id's at the door.
I did get carded at Trader Joe's last week.
It put a huge smile on my face.

Tonight I'll dream of poodle skirts that need to be glue gunned by tomorrow eve,
Excel sheets that I want to create,
Paintings I have in my head,
Leaves that need to be hauled to the curb,
Ten days of laundry that needs to be washed,
(never will I buy a Whirlpool front loader again),
Six months old, and thank goodness it's under warranty.
Repair man makes third trip here tomorrow.
Six boxes have been delivered to our door.
Three are the same thing.
They've filled the laundry room.

That's all I've got.


  1. Welcom back Julie!!:) I so hear you with the "used to be the youngest teacher" thing...I wonder what things will be like when/if i finally get back to the classroom....I'm gonna be OLD!!;)
    Sorry about the laundry thing. When simple everyday task become a just plain stinks!
    have a happy day

  2. I think that to a great extent, to shut off that filter is a fun and healthy thing. The journal is great, tho, for those things and thoughts you don't feel like broadcasting (kind of the next level down). The problem is to be sure you burn the before you croak!

  3. I beg to differ- you do have a filter and I know that there are things you would never say to you kids.