Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Don't Stop By

If you did,
There would be no way to hide your gaze from this disaster....

My word for 2011 is "Clean."
I'm doing it.
It's not pretty.
See that cute purse on top?
I'd like to take it and run,

Today's tackle was my desk area
and the big black beast,
also known as "the black cabinet."
Mark stays away from this beast,
and truth be told,
never wanted it here in the kitchen.
One child's bin was overflowing.
Most was recycling.
I'm going to stay here in Blogland for a few minutes more,
and only look at this picture...
It's my kitchen,
right now,
with the mess cropped out of view.
Looks perfect doesn't it?
Back at it,


  1. I'm looking past the mess to that way cool island/table/log thingee. You have the coolest stuff! And the mess, good luck with that.
    Sorry it's so cold there. It is gorgeous here right now, but January and February (and March and half of April) are why we live here. Remind me of your beautiful, green, cool neighborhood in July.
    That'll make us even.

  2. It looks like you are getting a great is always rewarding wading through the muck to get to the organized part.

  3. Ha, Ha Ha! I'm really not laughing at your pit. I'm just happy you will never judge me for all my pig styes around my house! Good luck! I do like the part of your kitchen where you cropped the crap out, lol!


  4. I am right there with ya! Don't you wish that you could just crop the crap out in real life? If I ever get through with doing these books I am back to cleaning. I hate doing the accounting so much that I am looking forward to doing cleaning! Imagine that.

  5. hey julie...thanks for stoppin by my blog! just wanted to give you a big "GO FOR IT, GIRL" with the etsy's so much fun!!
    and good luck on the organizing! it feels so good when you're done...not so much in the middle of the process, but just think of the end result :)

  6. ahhhh...we must be on the same kick, I just got rid of three bags of boys clothes to goodwill.....
    Looking good!

  7. CLEAN is a great word for the year!

  8. I think Im going to join you by taking a picture of the top half of my kitchen :) My Hubby is working on his "second job" every evening and will be for a few more weeks and doing everything alone is relentless.
    Humble Pie (i may be so wrong here but i think its her) does 40 bags in 40 days declutter - Im going to try and do a bag a day each day Levi goes to nursery :) Only twice a week, but I have three hour slots with only one child around - I feel guilty not using it!