Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Note to My New Years Self

Head to the gym early the Monday after New Years.
Every parking spot will be gone.
You'll park a mile away.
Do not try the piyoxing (pilates+yoga+kickboxing=weird).
Not worth it.

There will be newbies.
Don't give the huh look when they ask if they can trade showers...
even while in your towel,
and they ask if you need a shower.

Your younger two children will be trainwrecks.
They will want to stay home and play all day.
They will be trainwrecks after school too.
Be patient some more.

You will not like the feel of your clothes today.
The wine,

the chocolate,

the cookies,
the extra food will all catch up post New Years.

Keep parking a mile away.
Keep heading to the gym.
Do not make cookies.
Do not make brownies.
Do not make coffee cakes....
especially when there is nobody home to eat it!

Don't grumble about the cold.
Wear your snuggy 24/7 if necessary.

Wear tight fitting clothes under it so as to discourage weight gain.
Wear your cute warm boots, in the house if necessary.
Spring will come.
In about 120 days.

Make lists.
Get that tree down.
Buy some paint.
Buy some fun new cleaning supplies.
Tackle each room a day at a time....
not all rooms in one day.
It will only be a bigger mess.
It took 31 days to make the mess of December.
Allow yourself at least half that time to undo it.

Feel better now.


  1. Phew! That is quite a list! You look so cute in your snuggie that I think you should just stay there. I don't know if I will ever dig out from the Christmas chaos here. The kids rooms are total wrecks. I don't even want to venture into them. Plus, I got end of year taxes too. Blah!

  2. Oh, I just found out about those Reese's peanut chocolate cakes when we sailed past Gibraltar for a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love them. We do not have them neither in Sweden, France or in Barcelona from where we have been living for the last years. They are some of the best sweets I've ever eaten.

    Interesting name on the bottle by the way.

  3. i teach the first class the monday after new years, but lucky for me it is the 6 am so it was't too bad! oh man... i know it's horroble to say but i look forward to when people give up on resolutions so the gym goes back to normal. but i also do hope that lots of people stick with it. really, i do!

  4. I had to lay down on my bed to get my jeans buttoned today. That one was a punch below the belt. Right where I needed it.

  5. This is my kind of list. Minus the gym part. Happy 2011!

  6. oh, i'm a big fan of "notes to self!!" you have me laughing out loud- piyoxing? love it! ps. i've got the zebra snuggie too!

  7. Love the list! That snuggie sure looks good right now...it's freezing!