Sunday, January 23, 2011

Branching Out

My family tree...
a little lopsided,
some branches are dying,
others removed,

but this branch is blooming....

I worked on this piece throughout the Fall,
and painted deep from the heart.

Found a spot for it, here in this nook

Where I blog,
pay bills,
edit the crazy calendar,
and think...
...all closed up....

Just thought I'd share a little bit of my home that makes me happy...
Enjoy the day!


  1. I can see why it makes you happy! Love your family tree. You did an awesome job on it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That painting is BEAUTIFUL. I am so envious of your talent, your eye, and the love you have for your family. It is always so inspiring.


  3. I love love your work, Julie. The colors are very warm and inviting. It found a perfect place!
    Have a sweet Sunday xxxx

  4. Lovely Julie. You are a wonder! I love the branch that is blooming, it caught my eye right away!

  5. Julie that is so beautiful! You did an amazing job and I love the spot you put it in. :)

  6. that is just beautiful! i love the layers the colors, the look- it really did come from your heart.

  7. Love your family tree! It's beautiful. ANd love to see where you blog!!

  8. Oh I love seeing where people blog too!!:)
    Love your art work, very inspiring!!
    Enjoy the night

  9. that painting is wonderful and I love the meaning you've put into it as well. You found a great spot for it.

  10. i LOVE that painting! i love the little bits of sheet music peeking!

  11. hi, julie!
    now i'm popping over to visit YOU.
    i love the layers in your painting.
    at first glance, i thought i saw a little blue bird & an owl... ♥

  12. Hi Julie
    I thought I'd introduce myself. My surname is also Johnson and I also have 4 kids, but I live the other side of the world to you - South Africa! I love your tree painting (I also paint but am not very good) so we seem to have a few things in common. I am new to the blogging world and am so enjoying coming across wonderful new people!
    x Sharon Johnson

  13. Wow Julie, your art is just fantastic! I love the layers, and that it has such a personal meaning for you.
    Also really enjoyed your last post. I laughed when you said about her brother even sitting next to her. Sounds like something that I would be surprised with in my family, haha.

  14. Thank you everyone! I hesitated to share....but I look at it every day in this little nook. :) You've inspired me to kieep going and make some more!
    Sharon thanks for introducing yourself! Blogging is an amazing way to meet people on the other side of the world!

  15. Hi, Julie - I just found you via Coming Out Covenant. So silly that I never thought to look on your FB page to see if you had one.

    Your painting is beautiful. And, is the Swedish art on your doors that hide your office space on fabric? That is brilliant!

  16. I love your family tree painting! You are so talented.It's beautiful.