Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Izzy

Last Sunday we celebrated your 7 years!

Your brother even sat by you!

Mommy has been taking a walk down memory lane.
Here's the first glimpse we had of you,
delivered via fed ex truck....

Home from China and bonding with your sister....

best of buddies,

playing at a campsite,

hugging a little bit too hard,


sharing secrets,

playing staring games,
and just being,

Here is to you Izzy.
I love you and the person you are becoming,
each and every day.
I love your style,
your laugh,
your ability to light up a room,
the way you care for others,
and that you are my daughter.

Your Mom


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY precious girl! Its clear what a blessing she is to you - Im looking forward to adding a precious baby from God's family to our biological one one day. Hope its a another fantastic year filled with more wonderful memories and photos. Love the Renwicks! x

  2. how cute are they both? that picture on the beach with their backs to the camera, arms around each other, pigtails.... adorable! they are sisters, through and through. happy birthday, izzy!

  3. Happy Birthday Izzy! She is just too cute! Love the secrets pic. I do believe the best one is the last one though. You two are just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful pictures and beautiful girls. Happy birthday to Izzy
    Kristín K.

  5. Wow! I love all the pictures and the walk down memory lane! What a fun and beautiful 7 years! The pic of you two is so great! Happy Birthday Izzy!

  6. so beautiful! What a wonderful walk down memory lane....just flies by doesn't it! Those sisters looks like they have such a wonderful relationship...though I'm sure there are many moments which are best not caught on camera :)
    Hope Izzy had a magic filled day! x