Friday, November 5, 2010

Wanted: Bathroom paint color suggestions

Any favorites out there?
Bedroom is glamourous white.
Bathroom has wainscoting on the bottom.
Would like something calm and peaceful on the top.
Have a million things to do.
But would like to get this done...


  1. A nice greyed aqua?

    Pale sage green?

  2. I just painted some shutters with Gray Shingle by Benjamin Moore and I really like it. Good luck, picking a paint color can be so hard!

  3. I have a grey blue which I don't like. My bath is super dooper small so I almost think all white. White or cream allows for more options with accessories.

  4. One of my fave colors is "Woodsmoke" by Valspar...I just painted my 1/2 bath this color..I have no windows in that room & I wondered if it would be too dark but I LOVE it!!! Its now a gorgeous grey/blue color!

  5. Keep them coming! I probably should have posted a pic, but right now it's an old Martha Stewart "everyday green." Light green....Mark hates it...I like it, but it needs a new paint job.

  6. Oops...I meant Sherwin Williams!

  7. Here's a link to a coouple of paint colours that I LOVE on my blog:

    Farrow and Ball Light Blue

    and Farrow and Ball Pigeon.

    Okay, yes, I LOVE Farrow and Ball!!

    On the first linked post, several people recommend other simlar grey-blue-green colours that you might like in the comments.

    Those are what I'd choose...but can't wait to see what YOU choose!!


  8. I like sea foam blue/green. Or perhaps a yellow? I'm not very helpful considering I am the most fickle person I know : ) I'm sure whatever you coose will look nice.

  9. These are all gorgeous colors...I have them all open on the desktop. to decide! In the meantime, I have two little first graders to entertain (conference day), art to finish, a messy kitchen, pile of paperwork, and laundry to fold. So....we escaped for a bit, and went shopping at Michaels. :) Found the fun new "vintage" mugs in the dollar section, and bought frames for next week's art show. Meandered through Williams Sonoma and treated them to a little bit of chocolate at a local bakery. I had one bite...need to get off the sugar wagon.
    I think it's off to the paint store tonight. Exciting!

  10. if it were me I would choose a pretty grey. But you have to be careful that it doesn't have to much blue in it.

  11. Oh man....I so wanted to put in my 2 cents. I am all about BM Dove White... I treasure it...and it makes for a wonderful palette to play with.


  12. Great blog! I know I'm a day late, but Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is the perfect shade of gray. I use it a lot for clients of mine. It's actually about to be the color of my bedroom.

    Good luck with the painting project! They're always an adventure.

  13. I have been seeing SW Comfort Gray around--I think that is what I am going to repaint my bathroom someday :)

  14. I also just painted hallway SW Network Gray. I love the color, it may too dark, but it is pretty.

  15. Morning Fog by Olympic (Lowes - D61-1)

    It's the perfect grey/green/blue. I have it in my kitchen and mudroom and will definitely use it again when (if?!) we move!

  16. Oh my goodness, how is a girl to decide? These colors are all beautiful! Hmmm...maybe one in the closet, another on the ceiling, freshen up the hall and laundryroom? :) wow...hope everyone has these all bookmarked!