Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Girls

Really aren't always this innocent.

But they sure are cute.

Last night they had their first big fight.
Sounded like two cats.
Why is it always during the dinner hour?
Tears from both.

More tears upon seeing vegetables.
Why does the sight of broccoli always move Sofi to tears?
I need to start hiding veggies again.
Ridiculous since her mother is a vegan.

Today's agenda?
A trip to the attic....long story for another day.
More birds.
Clean the bathrooms.
Meal plan.

Need to head to the store AGAIN.
My 13 year old has a hole in his leg.
I can't keep food in the house.
Maybe I need to hide it all.

Recipes with hidden veggies anyone?
Anyone recommend the cookbook Deceptively Delicious?


  1. Happy Zumba-ing! I can't get into the veggie-hiding myself, but my friend swears by the chickpea chocolate chip cookies...

  2. what a gorgeous photo!! so sweet! kids fight, then they makeup. My son & youngest daughter argue (alot) and today I found him putting band aids on her knee. Too sweet. Yep, those teens eat an amazing amount, don' they? love your agenda!! hugs, Cathy

  3. THey are so beautiful! My boys fight too, I hate it but it's part of growing up.
    I can't keep food in the house. I used to go to the store once a week and be done...now...oh my, I go to the grocery store, then the dollar store for snacks then trader joes all in one week sometimes costco, it's crazy.
    I do like the book it gives a lot of creative ideas. I do make my boys a smoothie everyday and hide all sorts of fruits inside :)

  4. Recipies with hidden veggies - I have LOTS! I will just have to find some time to get the down on paper.. We are doing major party preps and potty training here, so i wont promise WHEN i will get them to you, but Its on my to do list x

  5. your list of things to do sounds like mine. Never-ending grocery store trips. I bought that book a while back..can't say I've used it much. Great concept but just seems like so much work. And man those girls are cute!!

  6. Hey Julie, I made homemade mac and cheese the other day and added in mashed butternut squash... that and a little garlic salt and my kiddos loved it! I would recommend taking Deceptively Delicious out of the library for some ideas.

  7. Beautiful things. Wow. Love the photo.

    And vegan? Story please.

    And I have a great "hidden" recipe. I may need to post that this week. I'm not a cook, so it's one of only three I can really call my own. Sigh. In another life.