Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Bits and a Giveaway

1. Here's the result of last week's roadtrip...

to Izzy's fairygodmother,
my big "sister" Trish...
an amazing photographer.
I'm thinking we send this one out as our Christmas pic?

Whoops...we're missing the boys.
Yikes...maybe not the best idea.
That would raise a few eyebrows.
Do you still send cards?
I used to make them.
Now, not so much.

She claims she didn't photoshop out my extra thigh or tire,
I'm not sure I believe her.
One of the families I tutor gave me this...

I kind of shared it with the family.
Kind of.
They had a few portioned bags.
I had the rest.
It was soooo good.
Worth a few extra trips to the gym.

2. New glasses.

My puzzled wrinkled face shows my inability to handle technology.
" do I take a pic of myself?"
I did it.

Linnea was a trooper and helped me try on 50 pairs.
Yep, fifty.
Buying a pair of glasses is tough.
I hate committing myself to a pair for a few years.
Plus I'm prone to losing things (thanks Dad),
and they're pricey!

I loved the last pair,
until my Dad and brother told me I looked like Sarah Palin.
I lost them.
Really, I really did.

These are a little funky, but fun,
and the best part?
I can see!

3. Soccer season is over.
Here is one of my favorite pics of the season.

That would be me huddled under my sleeping bag,
wearing a down coat and gloves,
holding my umbrella in a windy rainstorm,
and trying to stay warm with some Starbucks.
I do love watching Linnea play...

4. Some of you have been showing "what I wore on Wednesday."
I thought I'd start a new one,
"what I wore to the train."

That's me.
In my bathrobe over my sweats.
Tied with a leopard scarf for a little personality.
Wearing my fake uggs that have a hole in them.
They're fake.
They didn't last.
I guess I need the real deal, right Santa?

I drive Mark to the train every day that he works downtown.
Ten years of crazy get-ups, crazy train stories,
and I probably could have written a book.
Lets just say I'm thankful the girls are no longer babies
and need to be wrestled into snowsuits.

5. I need to go.
To the train.
To school.
To the gym.
To the paint store.
To find some paint samples for the master bath.
To the art studio to finish some pieces.
3 days till hanging....
and I'm almost done....

If you read this,
you deserve a prize.
Leave your name and what state or country you live in.
I want to teach the kids some geography.
We'll have our first little giveaway.



  1. Oh I can't imagine having to get all the kids dressed in the snow to get to the train station.......good thing they are older!
    Love the picture with you and the girls but yes, I think you need the boys in there too!
    I'm in CA :)

  2. Awesome pic of you & the girls~very sweet! You are one busy girl!! I can relate on the glasses...just got a new pair & it took me a few weeks to get used to them! Soccer ended for us yesterday~what a long haul! Good luck on finishing your pieces. hugs, Cathy

  3. Loving that picture of you and the girls!! and your new glasses are very cute on you, I know how it is after just shopping for glasses for my hubby.

  4. You make me laugh. Yes, I send cards every year, but no I do not make them. I use Shutterfly to make my cards. Great pic of you lovely ladies {I am loving your hair red}. I am digging the new specks and you are right - seeing is believing! And I love that you take your hubby to the train every morning.
    Did you say giveaway? I'm impressed! My name is Megan and I am a TEXAN! :)

  5. You did have a bit of everything Julie. The photo of you and the girls is gorgeous and I would like to be organised enough to send cards this year but we will have to wait and see! I would love to help in the geography lesson: I'm from Orange in New South Wales in Australia. xx

  6. Des Moines, Iowa, for the next week or so...then Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Good luck with your geography lesson, and with your color selection for the bathroom...

  7. I LOVE this photo of you and the girls! Yes I send cards out..probably always will. And I spend way too much but oh well..tis the season!

  8. Love the pic of the Johnson family ladies!
    Also, jealous of the new glasses...I feel you on trying to find the right ones. It's impossible w/o a helper.

    Miss you!
    Natalie...Tallahassee, FL

  9. Still send out Christmas cards too.
    And picking out new glasses takes FOREVER!!!
    I think driving your hubby to the train is sweet...but with littel one sin tow, ugh!!!
    And yes, I hope you get that new pair of real ones!!!:)
    Enjoy the day,
    Cindy from IL!

  10. Hi Julie, it's been ages! Got your website address through Maria(when she was still on FB.) I've enjoyed reading your blog and love your great sense of humour! We've been in New Zealand for five and a half years now and loving it! ~Alexandrea(Herman)Gill

  11. So fun to hear from you Alexandrea! Email me at me up on your family! New Zealand?! I've always wanted to visit there!