Sunday, November 28, 2010


every day...
for my life,
and these four...
Every year I feel a little scrooge in me around Thanksgiving...
some years it brews into the New Year.

I try to stifle it,
but usually have at least one good cry in the closet during this season.

The root of the scrooge is primarily the empty chairs around the table.
Missing too many that are no longer with us,
or live too far away to come home.

Missing the traditions of the past,
and trying to make new memories for the kids.

Like everything,
it's a balance.

Thankful for last night.
Our Friend's Thanksgiving Tradition.
Night to relax, eat, and be merry together...
roaring fire,
candles ablaze,
goodies we didn't bring to our Thanksgiving table,
and good times.

Wonderful week,
just being family.
Visit from Papa,
playing Twister,
pet sitting,
making Christmas cards,
chilling out,

So very much to be thankful for....


  1. Happy Thanksgiving friend, glad you are thank-full!

  2. So Long since I've had time to say "hi". Still love reading your blog. I can so agree with your Scrooge and your thankfulness. This was my first year with no children home for the holiday and my third year with my darling new husband. We treasure each other and are so in love. and yet... I miss my boys so very much and so many tears for famliy pasted on and far away. the bittersweet life... Enjoy every moment, friend