Monday, October 18, 2010


Meet Madison and Java.
Madison is ours.
Java is my sister Katie's.

Four years ago,
a "chocolate lab puppy" sign in Door County
prompted a turn around,
and a life altering decision.

Sure, why not potty train "twins" and a puppy?
I was nuts.
Most days I don't regret the spontaneous decision.
I'm glad I'm not training a puppy today!

Katie and Mike were fresh home from three years in Indonesia.
Three years of my heart aching for her to be home on U.S. soil.
She is now, but miles upon miles away in Seattle.

Things have changed since this pic.
Katie and Mike have two year old Eli,
and are expecting a baby GIRL in March...
and my baby girls are big now!

My dream for my girls is that they'll be close as adults...emotionally and nearby too.
Close enough to hang out and have a cup of coffee together.

I caught these two sipping cocoa on the swing just yesterday.

Today Katie is the big 3-0.
I'm nine years older.
Many times it seems like a lifetime.
For one year we will share the same decade.
Happy birthday Dear Sister.


  1. Such a sweet post, and the puppies are too cute, and your girls. Happy birthday to your sister.

  2. Hey Julie-
    I just had to stop by to say thank you!!!! I went and purchased a sample of bleeker beige and I love it! It's the winning paint!
    Thank you xoxo