Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fix It Job

Sorry to leave you all hanging on the bad hair job.
The day after two dear friends saw it in person, and said,
"You have to go back to the colorist."
Hmm...and I only thought I needed to go back to a new stylist.


I washed it.
What a difference that made.
The crazy red streaks toned down considerably.
A week later I love it.

The cut?
"Nothing that can't be fixed with another 8 weeks," to quote my stylist.
It's not lop-sided anymore.
The back is still a little goofy,
and the front is a little fringy and weird,
she'd have to cut more off to make that disappear.
I'll wait another 8 weeks and it will all be good.

Thanks Izzy for the pic,
and letting me borrow your spelling words.
As for the 8 weeks,
I have plenty of things to do.

There are always dishes.

Always stacks of paper.

And always a counter that needs to be cleared.



  1. Looks great!
    And those 8 weeks...they will fly by!
    Enjoy the day

  2. Your hair looks fine. I never know what mine will look like every 8 or so weeks. I have yet to find a person who knows what they are doing. The ones who say they have 10 or more years beware!!. I just want good blonde highlights with lowlights. No one knows how to do this. Why?? Love your blog ~judy~

  3. Always...haha...we live in similar worlds. I just finished cleaning my dishes and oohing over the empty sink when my husband brinds me his milk glass and cereal bowl from this am {who knows where it has been} -- argh. I am just thankful I am not the only one who loses the battle of the counter. :)

    I think you look beautiful...but 8 weeks will fly by in no time.

    {package came today!!! I will try and get it in the mail to you by Friday...retail rotations are draining. :) }


  4. You look fab!! And your house looks like mine!

  5. Ah, the joy of red hair.... :) I always think that I've told my hairdresser exactly what I want (copper, not burgundy), and then when she's done what do I have? Burgundy. But in a few weeks it washes out to be the copper I wanted.

    I think your color looks great! Also, I love the little tins with Scrabble tiles in them.

  6. You look beautiful! I love the color and from here the cut looks great! Thanks for the follow up! :)