Monday, July 12, 2010

5 More Days

and this cute little boy here...

will come home from camp on his birthday....
and I'll be the mom of a teenager.


Where did those 13 years go?
Some days I'd just like to hit the pause button.


2 Kids at camp.
2 Kids at Grandma's...
and here I sit listening to the romantic sound of the spackle sander....
or whatever it's called.

No time to play,
loads of work to do.

We gutted the boys room.
He truly needed an intervention.
Mr. Mark sanded the floors down,
I applied the sanding sealer today.
I painted the ceiling.

Now to remove some old wallies and finish spackling.
Tomorrow I paint
and we finish the floors.

While all that is drying I'll pack for vacation,
sort through the boys' stuff,
and attempt to put it all back together.

Time to get moving...



  1. Boy aren't you the busy one! Happy Birthday to your son! Have a great time on vacation!

  2. Oh what a GREAT picture of your little boy!!! I can only imagine the feeling of see the years fly by. You are Miss Busy Bee I see...hope all the renovations create smashing new rooms.

    I am now workng 4 10 hr days at a retail pharmacy (for FREE..part of my rotations). I just finished "cleaning" as best as I can my great room...not only do the years fly by...but my hours of the day simply vanish.

    Thinking of you!


  3. Wow wee! Sounds busy! I can't believe that you are back at it after just wrapping up a bathroom! Funny that when we get a kid break, we do the same thing - home improvement! Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Happy summer!
    p.s. The pic of your now almost teenager makes me smile!

  4. I love that picture. Before you know it, you'll be me, visiting his college dorm and wishing the time back.
    Can't wait to see pictures of your project. Promise?
    And have a great vacation!

  5. I've spent my morning enjoying your blog. I enjoyed it a lot.

  6. Cute pic! Can't wait to see the room reveal. Enjoy your vacation.

  7. my oldest turned 15 a few months ago and is asking when he can take drivers ed...ummm...NO! so not ready for this! and of the project please!!

  8. thanks for the sweet comment! it is glass tile and we did do it ourselves. not hard at all either. check out this post for my tutorial. i didn't take pics along the way but i listed the materials we used and gave step by step instructions of what we did.

  9. Can't wait to see the redo. Our daughter is just turning 15 in a week. I know exactly how you feel. Especially with girls, it seems like overnight they become young women, and you wonder where the pigtails and toothless grin has gone?

  10. how great! the boy are away and you can surprise them with a new room! Do they know what it will look like? I guess you've been keeping busy so enjoy your vacation!

  11. wow what a busy life you have, I had to take a breather.....hope you have a great vacation and the floors you will have to show pictures.